The Different Types Of Peel-And-Stick Tile Perfect For Your Backsplash

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen adds color and texture to the room. One of the easiest ways to do that is with peel-and-stick tiles. This material installs in minutes and can instantly give the appearance of a backsplash. Plus, because it's removable, it's a great option for those who are renting their space or like to change up their interior design.

Most peel-and-stick tiles are made from vinyl and have an adhesive backing akin to a large, very durable sticker. The vinyl makes the tile water-resistant, so it won't start peeling if water splashes on it when washing dishes or cooking. While most peel-and-stick are made from vinyl, some include other materials, such as glass, stone, or metal.

These kinds of tiles often look like real tiles, so they can give the look and feel of real tiles without having to use grout to install them. However, the installation isn't always as easy as a vinyl peel-and-stick. With glass, stone, or metal, you may need special tools such as a utility knife or a glass nipper to cut the material. With a variety of materials, colors, patterns, and textures, peel-and-stick tile is one of the best features you can add to a home.

Classic marble subway

If there's one material that exudes elegance, it's marble. It's traditional and timeless, adding a subtle hint of texture and color to a kitchen. The versatility of the white and gray color scheme and the classic subway tile shape allows this peel-and-stick tile to fit into any kitchen with any interior style. Installing them horizontally is the traditional method, but for a modern look, apply the tiles vertically. The vertical lines can help make draw the eyes upward, making the ceiling appear taller.

Geometric star tile

Go a little bolder with your peel-and-stick tile options, and choose a geometric print tile. The unique pattern will create a stunning backdrop on kitchen walls, transforming them into a work of art. It's the ideal option for anyone who wants something a little different than the standard. Because of the black-and-white color scheme, it can easily pair with any cabinet or counter color and allow you to add visual interest without overwhelming the room's design.

Black hexagon tiles

Moody interiors have been trending in recent years. Black hexagonal tiles are the ideal way to indulge in the trend. Hexagonal tiles are simplistic with a modern edge, adding a unique texture and visual interest to a design. The matte black finish gives the appearance of natural stone. Paired with other dark shades, such as dark green or charcoal cabinets or black or gray countertops, these peel-and-stick tiles will help pull off an edgy design.

Modern green tiles

For anyone who doesn't shy away from color, you may instantly fall in love with modern green subway tiles. The deep emerald green adds a stunning pop of color that still feels natural and not too overwhelming. The sleek subway shape adds a simplicity that allows these tiles to be added easily to any kitchen. Applying the tiles vertically to add height adds a more modern detail. Pair this shade of green with light, blonde, and medium wood finishes. Gold details will also pop against this dark shade.

Fish scales

Aptly named because they resemble the scales of fish, this tile is one of the most unique shapes you can choose. The layered scallop shape adds plenty of visual interest while still being sleek and somewhat traditional, especially when they have a marble finish. This shape also lends itself to color well, particularly with blues, greens, and turquoise that feel like the ocean. For the look of a bespoke kitchen, apply the peel-and-stick tiles in a striped layout that has a gradient from the darkest color to the lightest.

Retro art deco

Infuse a little bit of antique glamor into your kitchen with a peel-and-stick tile that evokes the art deco era. Marked by geometric shapes and sleek designs, this style is ideal for anyone who wants a modern home with character. The geometric retro design will add a sleek and stylish statement to the kitchen. With the black and white color scheme, it'll pair well with a variety of cabinet and counter colors. Use gold finishes to lean into the art deco feeling.

Colorful Tuscan

Bring the Tuscan feeling into your kitchen with colorful Spanish-inspired tiles. Colors reminiscent of the sun, sea, and nature in a swirly floral motif are sure to add a pop of visual interest to the room. A colorful tile like this is perfect for those who prefer brighter details and bold statements. However, you can pare down the colored tiles with neutral counters and cabinets, which will also allow the design to stand out.

Faux sea glass

Bring the calming atmosphere of the ocean to your kitchen with faux sea glass peel-and-stick tile. With the appearance of glass and a high-shine finish, these tiles will look sleek and stylish on the wall but don't come with the hassle of cutting or installing glass tiles. The added texture will add just a bit of visual interest to the room. The soft blue will pair well with both light and dark finishes for cabinets and countertops.

Elongated hexagons

Emphasize the lines in the kitchen with elongated shaped tiles. Hexagons are a unique shape in themselves, boasting both an air of timelessness and trendiness. Elongating the hexagons makes them feel more contemporary while maintaining the classic air. Use the tile to make a kitchen appear wider or taller, depending on the way you lay them. The simple white marble finish adds an elegant touch to any design and pairs well with any color combination of cabinet and countertop color.

Floral motif

Bring a bit of a botanical garden element into your kitchen with floral motif peel-and-stick tiles. With a center bloom and smaller flowers and leaves on the side, these tiles are highly decorative, ideal for anyone who may have a feminine or maximalist style. The soft pink, green, and white color scheme will add a pop of color that doesn't overwhelm the entire interior design.

Golden herringbone

Tiles laid in a herringbone evoke an elegant and timeless look. The classic stacked design with tiles that meet at a point adds texture and subtle movement to the room. Herringbone is a decorative layout that tends to work with tiles of any material or color. The addition of a hint of gold among the marble finish adds a bit of glamor to the classic and elegant design.

Colorful arabesques

Creating an attractive tesselating shape, arabesque tiles add a bit of visual interest. Arabesques are softer geometrical shapes, so they're great for adding texture but with a soft touch. It's also one of the unique tile shapes, so it will definitely create an unexpected element in the room. The pop of color from the green, blue, and white shades is sure to brighten up the kitchen and infuse a fun detail in the kitchen.

Gold arch mosaics

Statement-making tiles for the bold and adventurous home designer, this peel-and-stick tile design has it all. The elongated arch shapes are interesting in themselves, and the addition of a hint of gold brings a bit of glamor. The black and white marble look keeps it classic with an edge of modernity. These tiles feel a bit contemporary and a bit art deco, a fun way to add a feature to your kitchen.

Bold terrazzo

Terrazzo may be a material that has been used for centuries, but it's been trending in contemporary design recently. A peel-and-stick tile that mimics this classic and stylish material will surely add some texture to the space. With speckles of gold and bronze among the black, white, and gray, this tile will add a subtle bit of color to the kitchen. However, because it's mostly neutral, it'll pair well with neutral counters and cabinets without overwhelming the design.

Marble flowers

For those who want to stand out, a mosaic that creates unique shapes is the ideal option. The smaller tiles in this peel-and-stick tile design are uniquely shaped on their own, and when put together, they create beautiful flowers. The blue marble finish and a gold center are distinctive, ensuring few other people will have such a bold design. This is the kind of tile for someone who likes to make a statement with their d├ęcor.

Abstract shape mosaic

Lean into the organic modern interior design style with this peel-and-stick tile. The abstract shapes and botanical elements perfectly embody the trending interior design style, feeling contemporary and statement-making. With soft earthy green and orange tones, it adds color in a soft way. With six unique designs, these tiles can be placed randomly and rotated to create a completely bespoke mosaic pattern. Fun and creative, this tile is for anyone who loves their home decor to be unlike anyone else.