Whatever Happened To Sheets Laundry Club After Shark Tank Season 13?

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According to data from the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, only 9% of plastic that is used globally is recycled. Instead, 50% ends up in landfills, 19% is incinerated, and 22% ends up as litter in our streets, forests, and oceans. After learning about this crisis firsthand, Chris Videau and Chris Campbell decided to join forces to become part of the solution instead of further contributing to the problem with Sheets Laundry Club.

Most laundry detergents and softeners come in a liquid form that's stored and transported inside of a plastic bottle. While this might seem like the most convenient method, all of that extra water in the formula makes transportation and storage more expensive, and excess plastic can contribute to waste. Instead, Videau and Campbell developed laundry detergent sheets that easily dissolve during your wash cycle. As the business grew, they expanded their product line and developed a subscription-based model that fully covered all of their consumers' laundry needs.

What happened on Shark Tank?

Chris Videau and Chris Campbell stayed simple with their pitch on Season 13, Episode 7 of "Shark Tank," but that doesn't mean that they didn't impress with their idea. They began with the backstory behind their product — Chris Videau flew helicopters in the military and suffered negative effects on his lungs from burning plastic — and gave the stars of "Shark Tank" a quick, hands-on demonstration of how easily the laundry detergent sheets dissolved. After this, they shared their offer: $500,000 for a 5% share in Sheets Laundry Club.

While that's a fairly large chunk of change, the pair had the numbers to justify the cost. Sheets Laundry Club did over $2 million in sales the first year, and the brand continued to grow as Videau and Campbell expanded their consumer base and product line. Unfortunately, however, a few of the Sharks were immediately out, and Kevin O'Leary notably stepped back because he's already invested in a similar business, Blueland. Daniel Lubetzky, however, eventually made an offer: $500,000 for an 8% stake and 2% advisory shares. After some deliberation, the pair agreed.

Sheets Laundry Club after Shark Tank

Sheets Laundry Club was already doing well in terms of sales when they went on Season 13 of "Shark Tank," but exposure through the show helped boost public awareness of the brand and draw in even more new customers. During their pitch, some of the Sharks had an issue with the number of products that the brand was offering, but this wide selection and large variety of options guaranteed that Sheets Laundry Club wasn't limited to just one customer base.

Sheets Laundry Club offers its best-selling laundry detergent sheets, but it also sells dryer sheets, scent boosters, stain removers, solid dish soap, dishwasher packs, floor cleaner sheets, deodorant, shampoo bars, and soap bars. This way, it has a product for just about anyone who wants to be more environmentally conscious — not just people looking for a new way to simplify their clothes-washing routine. By incorporating a subscription-based model, the company has also found a way to guarantee that customers will make multiple purchases, leaving it with a steady stream of revenue.

Is Sheets Laundry Club still in business?

Sheets Laundry Club is still in business and doing well by all appearances. The brand's plastic- and water-free laundry, personal care, and cleaning supplies are available for sale on its website, through Amazon, at Harris Teeter, and from Meijer, though it appears some other brands have begun to capitalize on the same idea. During their "Shark Tank" pitch, Chris Videau and Chris Campbell shared that they signed an exclusivity agreement with Kimberly-Clark because the corporation owned the patent on dissolvable laundry detergent sheets, but it's likely something in that deal changed as many brands have been producing similar items.

Thanks to Sheets Laundry Club's subscribe and save model, however, Chris Videau and Chris Campbell are still able to maintain a loyal base of customers, even as competition continues to grow. The brand's large selection of other products also gives it a competitive edge, as it can act as a one-stop shop for all of its customers' cleaning needs.

What's next?

Currently, Sheets Laundry Club doesn't appear to be rolling out or developing any new products behind the scenes, so there's no telling what's next for the brand. Right now, it seems that their goal is to further their mission of sustainability with their eco-friendly product offerings. They already have plenty of products, most of which are available in multiple scents, so it's possible they are pausing development until there is a growing demand for something they don't carry yet.

On social media, it appears that Sheets Laundry Club is more focused on connecting with its existing customer base rather than drawing in new customers, so the company could also be focused on ensuring buyers repurchase their laundry sheets or solid shampoo rather than branching out to try another brand that offers similar products. They also offer discounts on the regular prices of their products if you subscribe, so their business model is all about encouraging brand loyalty.