The Genius Tennis Ball Hack For Removing Scuff Marks Off Your Floors

If you notice scuff marks on your floors, the sole of your shoes is likely the culprit. It doesn't matter if they're made of rubber or some type of synthetic material; you can expect to see scuff marks as the soles of your shoes slowly wear down. You'll commonly notice dark streaks on light-colored floors, but they can appear on any material, including hardwood. Your floors are more prone if you wear heels or have shoes with hard soles. Shockingly, all you need is a tennis ball to remove the scuff marks from your floors, keeping them looking pristine.

You don't need a brand-new tennis ball, so if you have an old one lying around the house (that you won't mind cutting a hole in), you're on your way to trying this amazing hack. You'll also need a pair of scissors and a broom handle to create a scuff-removal tool that's easier on your knees, and this guide explains how to get your floors looking like new in no time. 

How to use this hack

The green part of your tennis ball is all you need to remove scuffs. You only need to rub this part of your tennis ball against scuff marks on your floor, but if you have stiff joints or a limited range of motion and bending or crouching is a strain, you'll need to grab your scissors and a broom.

Begin by cutting an "X" in your tennis ball. It should be roughly the same size as your broom. Once you cut your "X," you can insert the top of your broom handle so your broom is upside down. Simply rub the green part of your tennis ball against any scuffs on your floor and watch them disappear. After you use your tennis ball to clean your floors, be sure to keep it handy as more scuffs make an inevitable appearance. To keep your tennis ball clean between uses, you can toss it in the washing machine.

Felt removes scuff marks

Tennis balls remove scuffs on tile, hardwood, linoleum, and more, and they do so thanks to their felt-like material. This fibrous outer shell latches onto stubborn scuff marks and wipes them away without damaging your floors, with one caveat. 

Before you begin tackling scuff marks, ensure your tennis ball is brand new or clean. This means throwing old tennis balls in the wash before use or investing in a completely new set of tennis balls. This step is crucial, as any dirt or debris left on your tennis ball can scratch your floors. Once your tennis ball is clean, attach it to the bottom of your broom (if you opt to stand while carrying out this hack). If you don't have a broom, you can always place a tennis ball on the end of an extension pole, such as the kind most commonly used for painting. You'll be amazed at the results.