The Big Mistake You're Making With Your Accent Wall, According To Alison Victoria

If executed well, an accent wall can liven up a room, as it makes for a creative way to decorate your wall space. However, you could be making a crucial mistake when designing your accent wall. Enter HGTV interior designer Alison Victoria who shared with Realtor how you could be missing out if opting for a plain accent wall. "An accent wall, in my opinion, should never just be paint," the "Windy City Rehab" star shared. "It's too boring. Bring in texture. Bring in color at the same time, and just bring in something that's going to create depth."

According to Victoria, combining texture and color together for your accent wall creates an eye-catching display. You don't have to take texture literally, and choosing wallpaper over paint can help achieve a look full of depth. Per Realtor, Victoria likes to choose wallpapers designed to look like something else entirely. In an episode of "Windy City Rehab," for example, she chooses a wallpaper with the look of wood-grain for added texture. As it's wallpaper instead of actual wood, the surface is still smooth, but the textured look brings more to a room than a plain painted wall alone would.

An accent wall should add additional depth and dimension

A textured accent wall can upgrade your home on a budget, transforming a room without the stress of renovating completely. Speaking to The New York Post, Alison Victoria stated, "When I do accent walls in rooms, I don't do a paint color. I think it's so noncommittal ... let's bring texture in, let's bring depth and color and contrast — and I think there's no better way to do that than with another material."

It's also important to consider the space where your accent wall will live. A tiled accent wall is always a good option for a bathroom, and, as Victoria told The NY Post, a wood-effect wall is particularly suited to a bedroom. As mentioned, this wall doesn't have to be made of actual wood but, instead, wallpaper or even vinyl strips that look like wood. Finally, Victoria recommends making the wall where your bed sits into an accent wall, as changing up this area can make a room appear entirely different without having to spend a ton of money.