Jasmine Roth Reveals A Budget-Friendly Trick To Mimic High-End Wallpaper

Decorating your home with a patterned wallpaper design is an excellent way to add color and make a space more attractive. However, buying wallpaper for a large wall can be expensive. Peel-and-stick wallpaper can save you on the installation cost when you install it yourself, but wallpaper rolls still cost anywhere between $30 and $50, and higher-quality types can be priced at more than $100. While wallpaper elevates your home's interior, HGTV's Jasmine Roth has the best budget-friendly tip to transform your walls with only a permanent marker. She created a gorgeous geometric wall design in Season 1, Episode 2 of her show "Help! I Wrecked My House," and many viewers fell in love.

Roth used gold, oil-based paint Sharpies to draw her pattern, which saved her a lot of money. The retail price for metallic paint Sharpies is about $6 on Amazon. She used a straight edge ruler, a level, and a tape measure to plan out and create her diamond design. Metallic Sharpies work perfectly on walls, since they're highly pigmented and stand out. While Roth used a gold color for her design, there are various ways to recreate the design with different colors.

Create your own wallpaper design

If you enjoy Jasmine Roth's geometric wallpaper, you can recreate her design with gold metallic markers, but you could also use different-colored Sharpies to complement any room's interior. For example, if your bedroom has a color palette of black furniture, gray walls, and white bedding, use white Sharpies for your wallpaper design. The white and gray hues will match, and the white will pop against the darker wall color. You can also get creative and come up with your own design. TikTok user @thehouseholdreview drew large, gorgeous flowers in black Sharpie on her white wall (via TikTok). She outlined the flowers, filled in their petals with lines for an extra detail, and completely shaded in the centers. The result was a beautiful, floral faux wallpaper. She claims she used six permanent markers in total, since they kept running out of ink. 

If you choose to draw your design, pre-plan it by sketching the pattern onto a printer or graph piece of paper. It can be difficult for beginners to jump in and draw on the wall, so figuring out measurements for a specific design will make sketching easier. Moreover, use a pencil to create the outline instead of going in right away with a permanent marker. Additionally, using templates and stencils for specific wall art designs can help you avoid mishaps.