The Genius Swiffer Hack That Will Save You Tons Of Money And Reduce Waste

Swiffer is a staple name in countless homes. After all, it is long known for giving cleaning a whole new meaning. Whether used for wet or dry floor cleaning or for tackling those hard-to-reach areas with the hand-held duster, this cleaning tool has become a must-have for many households. However, regularly buying cleaning pad refills does come at a price — and one that impacts more than just your wallet.

As time goes on, the cost of frequently buying new Swiffer cleaning cloths can really add up. These pads work for one-time use and often require multiple refills for a single cleaning endeavor. In addition, their disposable nature is far from environmentally friendly. Fortunately, using your own towel is an easy trick that helps save money and reduce waste while still harnessing your innate love for this efficient cleaning mop. Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of how you can achieve this eco-friendly and cost-effective Swiffer hack.

Ditching the standard refill

Instead of relying on Swiffer-branded cleaning pads, consider using your own microfiber cloth, towel, or rag. This simple swap not only achieves the same cleaning results but also saves you money and minimizes environmental harm. Many fabric cloths can easily fit into the teeth-like slots of the Swiffer mop, ensuring a secure placement like traditional pads. However, if you are dealing with a thicker towel, you can use a rubber band to keep it securely in place. Once you finish cleaning, simply toss the cloth in the wash and reuse it as needed, eliminating the need for those costly, single-use pads.

The versatility of this alternative adds an extra level of genius. For instance, you can leave the towel dry and utilize it just like the classic branded dry pads. Or you can dampen the rag and use it with a floor cleaner to function like the Swiffer wet mopping cloths. Plus, this towel hack is not limited to the traditional Swiffer mop alone. You can also apply your own microfiber cloth to the popular hand-held dusters for a zero-waste, cost-friendly cleaning experience.