Maximize Space Above The Refrigerator With A Handy Storage Hack

Have you ever come home from grocery shopping, or just been working on organizing your kitchen, and suddenly feel like you need more space? Maximizing the storage in your kitchen is imperative to getting the most out of it, but sometimes it can still seem like there isn't enough room for everything. If you've ever felt this way, there is a simple hack that can give you a little more room. Adding a fitted shelf just above your refrigerator can create extra holding areas for anything your heart desires, from knick-knacks to recipe books to even display-worthy pots, pans, or dishes.

The area above your fridge can feel like a vacuum, sucking up otherwise useful storage space. Instead of completely ignoring this spot, why not build extra shelving so you can have an area that allows you to easily see and access whatever you need? Plus, it will also make the entire space look tidy and aesthetically pleasing. Here's how.

Add more storage with little hassel

The trick to nailing this hack is to get the shelving sized properly. Some refrigerators sit inside a nook, which means you will need to measure the distance between each barrier wall to purchase or cut your shelves. Depending on how much room you have from the top of your appliance to the ceiling, several shelves can also be installed to offer more storage. You have various options when choosing your new space savers, and these vary from standard floating planks to boxed-in shelving. For example, IKEA LACK wall shelves are great for a budget-friendly option.

You can even turn this area into a storage combo, using the top level for kitchenware you want to show off but might not use as often, and the bottom level can be used for ingredients. Options like the Etsy Floating Shelf are customizable, so you can get the sizes you need to make the finished product look clean and tidy. If your kitchen already features cabinets above the fridge, you can also consider removing the doors to turn them into open shelving or add glass doors instead. 

How to utilize your shelving

To utilize this added storage to its full potential, consider what items are best suited to be kept at such a height. If your kitchen features plants, they are best kept where you can easily access them to water them regularly. However, faux fauna can still bring a pop of green into the room without needing any attention aside from the standard dusting once in a while. If you have a lot of recipe-based books, these are ideal for high shelving, especially if their covers can add to your overall interior theme. Antique or vintage pieces are another category that would do well here, as it adds a pop of decor.

Make sure to keep the color of the edges and trim in mind when purchasing shelving to go above your fridge, since some wood planks might come unfinished. Painting or staining these shelves to match your existing kitchen might be an extra task, but it could be the simplest way to ensure everything matches one another once you've finished installing. Don't let the space above your fridge go to waste; extra storage is only a shelf (or several) away!