A Pool Noodle Is The Secret To Making Your Patio Furniture Comfier Than Ever

What do you think of when you see a pool noodle? For most peeps, it's all about fun in the sun and a refreshing soak in the pool or lake. Nothing wrong with that! These days, however, clever individuals are using pool noodles for all kinds of hacks including making outdoor furniture more comfortable. This includes creating armrests for chairs that not only provide some cushion but they keep metal from scorching your skin on hot days. We love this idea, but we'll let you in on a secret. There's another often-forgotten area you can pad with pool noodles to make it more amenable to relaxation: the support railing of your patio table.

That's right, you don't want to forget a comfy place to rest your feet when you're getting creative with pool noodles. Adding pool noodles to your table's support railing will also make it friendlier where knee and shin bumps are concerned. Best of all, this simple hack can be accomplished in minutes and with minimal effort. It's also very inexpensive since you can pick up standard-sized pool noodles in an array of colors at many dollar stores.

How to make patio tables more comfy with pool noodles

Whether you have a round, square, or rectangular outdoor table, this hack will work for you as long as it has a support railing a foot or two below the table surface. To make your cushiony rail covers, all you need is a pool noodle in a color that coordinates with your outdoor d├ęcor and a precision utility knife. First, cut your pool noodle down to the size of the support rails below your patio table. Then cut a slit down one side of the pool noodle segment. Slip the noodle over the railing and you've got a much cushier spot to rest your legs while relaxing on your patio. Your knees and shins will also thank you the next time you bump up against that railing while you're dining on the deck.

Since pool noodles are created primarily to use in the water, the polyethylene foam they're made of will hold up for an extended period in inclement weather. They will, however, start to break down eventually. When that happens, it's both easy and economical to replace these easy DYI rail cushions made of nothing more than pool noodles.