The Affordable Trick That'll Save The Day If Your Mattress Is Sagging

Sleeping on an uneven mattress or bed frame can cause aches in your body and affect your overall sleep quality, so it's important to ensure all parts of your bed structure are in tip-top shape. If you feel some parts of the mattress sagging while you sleep, especially with a new mattress, the problem might be the bed frame — and there are ways to reinforce it if you can't replace it just yet. One affordable trick is to add some extra support like an old piece of plywood or a wooden board underneath the mattress.

Some mattresses sag in the middle because their bed frames only have legs on the corners and no support in the middle. The size of the board you use will depend on how much coverage the foundation underneath provides and how bad the sagging is. When you get your piece of wood, this TikTok recommends placing it in the middle around where your hips would be so it can better support the weight of the mattress. "You can get them in the DIY shops for next to nothing," says the creator.

Some other affordable hacks for a sagging mattress

If the problem isn't the bed frame, then you'll have to address your mattress setup. First, try contacting the manufacturer for a replacement or repair if the mattress is still under warranty. If that isn't possible, flip the mattress or add some padding to it. Flipping your mattress is actually something that should be done regularly to help distribute the wear and sagging more evenly so the mattress can last longer. Filling out the sagging part is another quick fix that won't cost you anything. Try it with things like old pillows, towels, or foam.

Keep in mind that these methods are generally temporary solutions and a sagging mattress or frame will eventually need to be replaced for the sake of your health. In some cases, you can get a quality mattress topper. While this requires a small investment, it can hold you off longer since it is cheaper to replace than a mattress or frame.