The One Thing The Property Brothers Want You To Remember When Renovating A Home

Drew and Jonathan Scott, aka the Property Brothers, know a thing or two when it comes to designing and renovating a home. Whether they're giving advice about kitchen cabinets or undertaking a complete bathroom makeover, the design duo have picked up some tips and tricks that will help you make your house better. One of the main things they preach is the importance of functionality. 

"Most people, when they try to renovate, think about pretty and forget about function," Drew shared in an interview with Native Trails. "They forget about how a family is going to function in a space. It doesn't matter if you replace the fixtures or the cabinets if you keep a really bad flow. So that's the big thing — we always try to give function along with style to homeowners." Seeing how everything will work — or in Drew's words, flow — together is imperative to a successful renovation. Whether you're working with a larger or a smaller space, no one wants to live in a cluttered, messy home. Making sure your home is both aesthetically pleasing and functional will help create the relaxing atmosphere that's so important to feel in your own space.

Making the interior of your home functional

One way you can increase the functionality of your home is by maximizing storage space in unexpected spaces or areas that don't really get used. As Jonathan Scott says, "There's no substitute for creating more storage space in your home. It's renovation by organization," per The Scott Brothers. Corners and nooks are ideal for hat stands, storage benches, or a slim cabinet. All of your furniture should serve a purpose, whether that's to hold a lamp, some books, or kitchen utensils. A side table without storage may look pretty but could quickly become frustrating if you find items building up. In the bathroom, adding hanging shelves, small cubbies, and a vanity with drawers will keep clutter to a minimum.

Jonathan has also previously revealed his dislike of houses with impractical designs that can cause problems. "I hate when people have too many levels that just create trip hazards," he told Insider. "You see a lot of the trends from the '70s of sunken living rooms or even something like a two-tiered island and whatnot. I don't love doing them because I like keeping things simple." Drew also revealed that he believes choosing bold designs is impractical because sometimes you have to move houses and switch things up when you least expect it. "Something that's so bold is gonna be very expensive to change out," he shared.

Extending this idea to the exterior of your home

It isn't just the inside of your house that should be functional, either. In Season 1, Episode 2 of "Property Brothers at Home," viewers got a peek at the backyard space of Drew and Jonathan Scott's Las Vegas house. As Drew shared, "The yard is not finished unless it's functional. You need seating, you need tables, and we have some great stuff." It's relatively simple to make a yard functional so you can sit out and enjoy the weather. Some must-haves for your outdoor space include chairs and couches for relaxing, tables for eating, and potentially a few umbrellas for shade.

Moreover, in Season 2, Episode 3 of "Celebrity IOU," the brothers helped Justin Hartley renovate a backyard for his friend, Mat, where they added a kitchen and bar area. They also included an outdoor dining area with a pergola over the top for shade, thus adding functionality to the seating space. Small additions like this not only look great, but they also turn a space into one you'll love to spend time in. No matter which area you're renovating, functionality is vital to creating a home you'll be happy living in for a long time.