How To Handle Annoying Specks Of Paint After Redesigning

There's nothing worse than marks where they shouldn't be, and this especially applies to paint specks. However, seeing stray paint marks where they shouldn't be may not be the fault of you or the paint you've chosen, but rather the fault of the tools you're using. As Sam Ross from Nailed It Contracting told Apartment Therapy, paint specks where they're not supposed to be could be the fault of a cheap roller cover. Much like paint and other painting tools, roller covers vary in quality, and you may not be choosing the best roller for your painting projects.

Commonly used to cover bigger surfaces, like the center section of a wall, roller covers can be immensely helpful. Nevertheless, if you choose the wrong roller, they could also make things worse. Though you may be able to salvage your paint job if it's just a few paint specks here and there, a worst-case scenario could see you having to repaint. Luckily, there is a step you can take before you start painting that should stop this frustrating situation in its tracks.

Do this before you start painting

As shared by Sam Ross, if you don't want to purchase a more expensive cheap roller cover, try this paint roller hack instead. All you need to do is wet your roller cover slightly with water before you begin painting. This will stop the cheap cover from both picking up stray specks of paint and leaving lint on your freshly painted wall. Alternatively, if it's too late and you have already painted only to see annoying paint specks everywhere, try using painter's tape to remove the lint (note that this strategy will not pick up paint specks, too). 

If the roller cover has left multiple noticeable gaps on the wall where it picked up specks, you can either try painting over the problem area again, this time slightly wetting the roller cover, or wait until you have purchased a better-quality roller cover and re-do the whole section. Sometimes, moving things around in your budget to buy more expensive tools is worth it for a smooth painting experience that will also save you time in the long run. Paint specks can be a pain, but, no matter which stage of the painting process you're in, now you know how to remedy this easy-to-make mistake.