Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-Free With TikTok's Genius Measuring Cup Storage Hack

If you're like most people, at least one of the drawers in your kitchen is a slightly messy jumble of spoon rests, straws, a can opener, a corkscrew, and measuring cups. It's not quite a junk drawer because everything that's stored inside is necessary for cooking. However, it can start to feel a little junky when it's difficult to find what you need. Luckily, TikTok geniuses have unveiled a fantastic hack to help you achieve a perfectly organized kitchen. It involves removing the measuring cups from that messy drawer and making them more accessible. Organizing a much-needed item to make it instantly easily available feels liberating and may inspire more decluttering. If you're on a decluttering kick, use the 30-day minimalism game to take it beyond the kitchen.

Small spaces really benefit the most from hacks like this, but even if your kitchen is spacious and you have multiple drawers, it's still wonderful to be able to see your tools. If you've ever been inside a super organized hardware store, you probably noticed that the tools hang vertically on a wall at eye level and just above or below. That's the idea behind this TikTok hack; you'll hang your measuring cups vertically on the inside door of one of your kitchen cabinets.

How to create your measuring cup storage spot

Here are all the supplies you'll need: your measuring cups (a standard set is four measuring cups), some blue or green painter's tape, Command clear medium hooks, a pencil, and a ruler or measuring tape. While this hack is specifically made for measuring cups, you could also replicate it for your measuring spoons, since all of them can hang from their handles as well.

As described by TikToker @theflippedpiece, start by pulling off strips of painter's tape. Place the pieces of tape horizontally inside the cabinet door, lining them up to exactly match the shelves. These are markers so that you can position the cups and hooks to not hit the shelves. You'll be placing the Command hooks right below one of the shelf lines on the cabinet door.

Line up your four measuring cups on your counter with half an inch to an inch between them and measure the total width. Is there enough room inside your cabinet door to accommodate all four cups? Mark with a pencil a good place for the first hook, hold the cup there and see where it falls. If it's unobstructed when the door closes, take off the hook adhesive and place it on the cabinet door. Then, use your ruler and mark where the rest of the hooks should go. Once the hooks are fully adhered to the surface, you're ready to hang your measuring cups.