This DIY Rope Wall Has To Be The Coolest Room Divider We've Ever Seen

Room dividers are an inexpensive yet stylish way to separate spaces within your home. Compartmentalizing a large area or open floor plan can increase functionality, privacy, and structure. These practical pieces also double as a design element, and turning it into a DIY project makes it even better. A rope wall is a simple way to section your space without the harsh effect of a solid wall. It leaves your room open, so that it appears larger, while defining zones for maximum coziness. The jumbo twine lends itself to a nautical theme, rustic vibe, and eco-style. It adds texture and depth to your area. 

You can create your own room divider with rope, wood beams, tape, ceiling hooks, a drill, scissors, and spray paint. This rope wall can be made in one day and is easy to install. Plus, the entire piece is removable, so you can take it down in a snap when you're ready for the next DIY.

How to make a rope wall divider

For the frame of your rope wall, you need wood beams the desired length of your divider. Next, drill holes the width of your rope into each piece of wood, roughly 2 ½ inches apart. After all the holes are in place, it's time to paint the wood with the spray paint. To blend it into your space, match it to your ceiling or trim. However, you can always create a focal point by choosing a bold hue or simply staining the beams for a natural look.

With the wood drilled and painted, the rope comes into play. Each rope piece should be one foot longer than the height of your room — you need the extra length for the knots on each end. An easy way to get this measurement is by standing on a ladder and bringing one end of the rope to the ceiling before dropping the other end to the floor, and then adding 12 inches. Mark this spot on the rope with tape. The tape will keep the rope from fraying once it's cut.

Next, thread each end of the rope into the top and bottom wood beams and secure it with a knot. Once the knot is tight, remove the tape. Lastly, install ceiling hooks where the rope wall will hang and hang the top beam on them. Now you have an innovative room divider to break up your space that you can brag about and say you made all by yourself.