Whatever Happened To Plop Star Bathroom Deodorizer After Shark Tank Season 11?

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In October 2019, Plop Star made an appearance on Season 11 Episode 4 of "Shark Tank." Plop Star, a toilet deodorizing tablet, was developed by Tyler Jay, owner of a production company called Tandem Inc. Jay's product is a small, discreet tablet that can be dropped into the toilet before you go to prevent any lingering smells. Plop Star's essential oils coat the surface of the water, trapping unpleasant odors beneath it and leaving a light, citrus scent. The tablets are individually wrapped, so they can be stashed in your pocket, wallet, or purse for easy access when you're in public.

Rather than spraying an air freshener after using the bathroom, Plop Star is dropped into the toilet beforehand. After waiting for about 10 seconds, the tablet will be working its magic, so you can go without worry. Jay conceived the idea for Plop star when drawing a bath for his daughter. The fizzy, scented bath bomb inspired him to make his toilet deodorizer.

What happened to Plop Star on Shark Tank?

When Tyler Jay appeared on the show, he rode into the room on a rolling toilet, getting a laugh from the Sharks as well as their attention. He then went on to explain the issue and how other comparable products fail to live up to expectations. "Traditional bathroom aerosols just mask the stench, leaving a sticky film behind and a bathroom that smells like a stinky rose garden," he explained. "So I invented Plop Star." He asked for $150,000 in return for 10% of his company.

Mark Cuban went out as soon as the pitch was finished, but once Jay revealed that his company only had $12,000 in sales, the other Sharks were quick to drop out as well. Though the founder said that he wanted to make sure the product was sound before promoting it, the Sharks were skeptical — and they didn't hold back. "You should flush it down the friggin toilet," Kevin O'Leary chimed in after Barb Corcoran went out. "I'm not kidding. This is going nowhere. This is going to be a zero. Plop Star sucks." O'Leary and the rest of the Sharks declined to make a deal, and Jay left the tank without an investor.

Plop Star after Shark Tank

Like most products that appear on "Shark Tank," Plop Star received attention after the show aired. The company began selling its toilet tablets on its own website as well as on Amazon. In 2021, Plop Star developed another product, a bathroom spray. A pack of 30 of the original tablets costs the consumer $13, which is a pretty steep price depending on how often the tablets may need to be used. Jay, with knowledge from his previous success in production, acted in his own comedic commercials for the scented toilet tablets. The commercials feature the founder riding around on a toilet, explaining the benefits of his product.

Despite some initial success, Plop Star stopped selling its deodorizing tablets online for several years, and its social media pages remained largely inactive. It also seems as though Plop Star was focused on building a business-to-business model, as the website has a contact for companies interested in wholesale.

Is Plop Star still in business?

Despite its several-year hiatus, Plop Star announced its return on Facebook in July 2023. The Plop Star tablets, as well as the spray, are currently in stock on Amazon, though they are not for sale on the company's website. While the tablets currently for sale are marketed as an "all new" product, according to Plop Star's website, and the color of the packaging has changed, they still contain essential oils and are citrus scented. It is unclear if the formula for the recently released product differs from the original.

According to a post on the company's Facebook, their first since December of 2021, the new product is easier to use. "With a new and improved smaller tablet and easy to open packaging, Plop Star is better than ever! You've waited a LONG time, and we truly appreciate your patience and enthusiasm," the post reads. Plop Star is currently in business, but the reasons for it going off the market in 2021 are ambiguous.

What's next for Plop Star's founder?

Jay is still the CEO of Plop Star and is promoting his new product on his personal LinkedIn page. At the moment, it seems that Jay is trying to get Plop Star to regain its popularity, offering a 10% discount on their tablets. The founder is also continuing to work as the director of content production for Tandem Inc., which he founded in 2014. Tandem creates a variety of video content, including comical commercials for big-name companies, including Snickers and GrubHub. While Jay's LinkedIn features a post from 2023 that talks about a new Tandem project, the company's Facebook page hasn't posted since 2021.

Whether in his career in content production or selling products, Jay seems to stand behind his ideas. Though Plop Star walked away from "Shark Tank" without a deal from an investor, he hasn't given up on his bathroom product.