TikTok's Genius Hack Transforms An Old Pillowcase Into A Trendy Storage Basket

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Having an organized house creates feelings of serenity and calm for all who live there. One of the best ways to keep things neat and tidy is by using baskets to store all kinds of items. We're not just talking plastic bins here — you want your storage basket to look attractive. But buying these from the store can get pretty pricey. A little DIY magic can, however, change that. This TikTok hack shows you how to turn a shoebox into a trendy storage basket using an old pillowcase and some rope.

You'll never let go of a cardboard box or old pillowcase again once you see this trick. All you do is wrap some craft rope or twine around a box and glue it in place. Then take a pillowcase and insert it into the box. Fold the top of your pillowcase over the edges of the box and you're done! You have a gorgeous high-end-looking storage basket similar to this one from The Container Store. Plus, using this method allows you to perfectly customize your basket with colors that match your room or decor. You can also make your storage basket as small or as large as you want, depending on what size box and pillowcase you use.

How to create a storage basket with a pillowcase

For this hack, you'll need a glue gun, hot glue, some craft rope or twine, a cardboard box, and a pillowcase. TikToker @westwing chose to use rope that had a medium-sized thickness, but you can go thicker or thinner if you choose. A 10-foot roll of 1/4-inch natural cotton rope will cost you about $10 on Amazon, while a 100-foot roll of twine costs just around $8If you're crafty you probably already have a glue gun and glue sticks in your home. If not, you can also get both the gun and the glue sticks off Amazon for about $9. 

Start by gluing your rope or twine to your box starting at the bottom and wrapping it around the box as you go upward. Be sure to keep your lines straight and have your rope as close together as possible. Create rows as high up on the box as you can, but don't worry if a little bit of your box is showing at the top. This will be covered by the pillowcase. Next, place the bottom end of your pillowcase inside your box and smooth it out so it evenly covers the bottom and sides of your box. Fold the top of your pillowcase over the top of your box and tuck the edges underneath so you have clean smooth lines. Voila! Your work is done. You're ready to store things like extra toilet rolls or shower accessories with style.

Make this hack your own with different colors and patterns

While regular craft rope or twine wrapped around the box and completed with a neutral pillowcase looks great, there are a ton of ways to personalize this hack. For starters, if the pillowcase you're using is bright or patterned, that will pop against the brown of the twine or rope. That said, if you'd prefer something that matches more closely, that's also possible.

If you're not using leftover twine or cord from your holiday gift wrapping, order a new roll in a color of your choice. Amazon offers a variety of macrame cord colors for around $6 to $9 for 109 yards. Into something a little more glitzy? Amazon also stocks four-packs of metallic twine for about $15, each roll with 110 feet of twine, and high-sheen color cord rope for $8 to $12. Alternatively, take a leaf out of YouTuber A.V. Does What's book and just paint the regular twine or rope once it's been secured to the box. A set of basic acrylic paints goes for around $9 on Amazon and a metallic option goes for about $13.

Another route you may want to take, if you're a fan of bringing nature indoors in your home, is a roll of twine with leaves on it. These go for around $6 on Amazon, and for 33 feet, that is significantly more expensive. However, you could always work it into the regular twine in certain sections to get the feel without covering the entire box in it.

Just be careful where you place this DIY basket

One thing to keep in mind with this hack is that it might not be quite as hardy as a traditional basket would be because of the cardboard base. For that reason, it's wise to be mindful of where you'll place the completed craft. While perfect for bathroom storage, you don't want to place this on a countertop where it may get wet. Shelves, windowsills, on top of toilet cisterns, and other dry spots are your safest bets. However, you can also get around that if you take some precautions.

One option is to cover the base of the box with contact paper. At about $5 for a 16-foot roll on Amazon, you'll be able to cover the bottom of several of these crafts. Plus, you could even stick some of that inside the box before folding the pillowcase into it to ensure it isn't damaged from the inside, either by water splashing, or leaking toiletries. Another option, if you have PVA glue at home (about $6 on Amazon) and are willing to wait a little longer, is to mix equal parts of the glue with water and paint it onto the base of the box. 

Even with the optional added steps, there's no denying that this is one seriously easy DIY. Just like that, you've got the perfect, homemade basket for extra toiletries, additional rolls of toilet paper, or even hand towels for guests. Upcycling at its finest!