Easy Ways To Repurpose Twine Around The House

Jute twine is a tiny and durable rope made of natural fiber that comes from the white jute plant (Corchorus capsularis). It's a sustainable material used in packaging, manufacturing, decorating, and more. Because of its versatility, jute twine is a must-have for every crafter and DIY home decorator. And once you have it on hand, you'll find there are many creative and easy ways to repurpose twine around the house. We're sharing our favorite ways to elevate home décor, upgrade old items, and add rustic appeal to a room with jute twine. 

Many of our ideas require glue, scissors, and a dash of creativity. Some twine hacks solve a potential problem like a fire, while others make chic accents and decorative statement pieces out of pots, pictures frames, and mirrors. These beginner-friendly ideas are fun for crafters of all skill levels, and most are suitable for children. Repurposing material like jute twine keeps it from cluttering junk drawers or, worse, sitting in a landfill. 

Hang plants

You don't need to be a macrame master to create hanging pot holders. Jute twine makes hanging cascading plants like pothos and English ivy a breeze. For many simple yet effective designs, you really only need to create a few well-placed knots and loops. The knots provide structural support so you can safely hang a pot. This method is a great way to get custom-sized plant holders. 

Craft a Christmas ornament

When used in seasonal décor, jute's natural fibers will give your home a touch of old world charm for the holidays. There are many ways you can utilize twine to make ornaments, so it's easy to find a design that matches your crafting comfort level. For a simple stripe design, brush a thin layer of adhesive, like Mod Podge, over an existing ornament or spherical object. Then, wrap twine around the outside, making distinct rows as you work from top to bottom. After the twine is secure, hot glue a loop to the top so you can hang it from your tree.

Crochet placemats and coasters

Jute placemats are chic additions to any table. Stores like Pottery Barn sell sets of four for $118. However, if you can crochet, you can get the look for significantly less. Patterns range from simple and beginner-friendly to more complex and intricate. Jute décor fits right into a variety of design schemes like boho, modern farmhouse, and traditional. 

Light an emergency fire

Jute is an exceptionally handy fiber when prepping your home for cold weather. When power is out and temperatures are freezing, jute fiber makes an effective homemade fire starter. If you have a fireplace or pit, untwist and separate the twine, then place it in your fireplace. Though jute will not sustain a flame, it will spark and help ignite firewood that you add to your fireplace. 

Add rustic style to drawer pulls

Twine is a great crafting material but can also serve as a decorative detail. Incorporating the natural rope-like fiber into furniture pieces instantly unites a room with rustic or even beachy décor. Wrap twine around a handle or drawer pull to give a chest or cabinet a fresh new look. Not only does the jute provide a better grip, but it can also help you curate a cohesive design scheme.

Decorate a basic pot or jar

Nice decorative pots and jars for your plants and knickknacks can be costly. Cheaper ones may be plastic and look too artificial, while plain planters and jars may be too bland for your liking. Covering them in jute twine elevates your décor and gives it a more authentic earthy appearance. To repurpose your twine, just wrap it around a plastic planter for your garden or glue it to some plain mason jars for your pencils or kitchen utensils. 

Upgrade a mirror

Decorative mirrors are a fun design element that often costs a pretty penny. If you want a stylish mirror and don't want to pay over $100, create your own with jute twine. Beginning crafters can glue tightly wound rings of jute along the mirror's perimeter. If you're an advanced DIYer, consider trying a braided or crocheted jute frame.

Craft a jute lantern shade

If you've ever done papier-mâché, you already know how to create a stunning jute lantern shade. To get a rounded lantern shape, blow a balloon to a size of your liking. Lightly brush Mod Podge onto the balloon and begin laying twine down, crisscrossing as you make new layers. You can be fancy and create a meticulous pattern or let the shade come together organically. Once you're done laying the twine, coat everything again in Mod Podge and let it dry. Once the twine feels stiff, pop the balloon inside and remove it for a hollow lantern shade.

Build twine snowmen

Get ready for winter with an adorable twine snowman. Construction is similar to designing a jute ornament and mainly consists of wrapping and hot gluing. You'll need two spheres of different sizes, tiny twigs, craft glue, hot glue, and optional decorations like felt, buttons, and pins. The larger of the spheres will become the torso, and the smaller will be the head. Consider reusing old ornament pieces and fabric scraps to give your snowman some style.

Elevate a simple picture frame

Jute wrapping can transform an inexpensive dollar store frame into a statement piece. You can spread glue over the frame and wind twine around all four sides. The natural material adds a somewhat nautical touch, so this project would be great for rooms with a coastal design scheme. It's also a good way to give new life to a frame that's seen better days.