More & More People Are Ditching Folding Their Clothes & Doing This Instead

Sure, it is lovely to see a beautifully arranged wardrobe that resembles the work of Marie Kondo. Every article of clothing exudes joy, expertly folded with precision and care. However, for a vast majority, an organized closet is far from reality — especially for children. But now, more and more people are ditching folding altogether and taking a bit of inspiration from the clever "no-fold basket" TikTok laundry hack.

When faced with the everyday task of laundry, the thought of meticulously folding and organizing the never-ending stack of shirts, pants, and various other garments is the last thing on our minds. It is the step often met with the most resistance amidst this overwhelming chore. However, categorizing your clothing and creating a system where everything can be easily found is what families hope to implement with this hack. Here's how to adopt this system and create a solution that eliminates the need to fold your clothes entirely.

The no-fold laundry hack

Foster Rose, a TikTok creator, and mom, demonstrates a practical approach to managing her children's clothes without the need for folding. In her home, she arranges plastic washing baskets on a shelf in the laundry room, with each bin conveniently labeled according to the type of garments it holds. After the laundry is washed and dried, the children's clothes are effortlessly transferred into the designated baskets — without any folding.

Although the TikTok laundry hack is primarily suited for laundry rooms with ample space, it can easily work within your children's closet. By utilizing drawers and clear labels, you can create a no-fold method system inside a dresser. Once the laundry is complete, you can move the freshly laundered clothes into their designated dresser area, ensuring a well-organized and clutter-free space. And for the naysayers who fear that this no-fold process may lead to wrinkled clothing, there's a simple solution: toss the garment into the dryer on a quick refresh cycle. Alternatively, you can accept that some items may end up a bit rumpled; considering that, in a matter of moments, the child's shirt is likely to acquire a stain anyway, having a few wrinkles is okay.