The Paint Hack Every Renter Will Want To Know

Oh, the joys of renting. It can be both a blessing and a curse. While you have the freedom to decorate your space with personal touches, the landlord usually predetermines major aspects like appliances, bathrooms, flooring, and even paint colors. Oftentimes, landlords may allow tenants to change the paint color as long as it is restored to its original color upon moving out. However, after years of living in the space, you may find yourself wondering what the original wall color actually was — that is, unless you made a note of it.

Was it eggshell? Or perhaps cream? No, it must have been a light gray — right? This conversation feels all too familiar for many renters, except for those who took the time to record the initial color. And we aren't talking about hastily scribbling it on any random piece of paper; since that scrap of paper is likely to be lost over time. Fortunately, renters can now easily track the original paint hue by marking it on a household item that is bound to remain fixed: a light switch.

A powerful paint hack

Now, you might be wondering what makes the electrical switch plate so significant. It's quite simple, really. When you start painting the wall, you will naturally remove this item. Therefore, while the covering is off the wall, you can conveniently take a small piece of painter's tape, write the paint color on it, and stick it to the inside of the light switch. This note will remain on the inner side of the plate for years to come.

As an added bonus, you can proactively ask the landlord for the precise shade of the wall color. That way, renters can keep track of the specific hue instead of simply noting the general tone to ensure no variations. It creates a win-win situation for both you and the landlord, allowing you to relish the exquisite beauty of your perfect paint color and effortlessly restore the walls to their original shade when needed.