Why It's A Big Mistake To Use A Magic Eraser On Marble Or Granite

Magic erasers are extremely versatile cleaning tools that can tackle a surprising number of messes. But while they may be your best friend when it comes to cleaning most messes, using them on marble or granite is a bad idea. Magic erasers are simply melamine foam, a material that is formed from tiny pieces of plastic, making it abrasive. Though magic erasers scrub stains off quickly and easily, their harsh material can scratch delicate surfaces.

Granite and marble are both porous stones. This means that when the surface is exposed to liquid, the stone will absorb it. This can cause staining or allow bacteria to form. For this reason, marble and granite countertops are coated in a protective sealant. If you use an abrasive material, like a magic eraser, to clean your natural stone, it can remove the seal. This will leave your countertops vulnerable to staining. Using abrasive cleaners on these surfaces may also make them appear dull. If you've already used a magic eraser on your natural stone, you can tell if it needs to be resealed by putting a few drops of water or oil onto the counter. If it's absorbed, it will likely need to be re-treated.

Alternatives for cleaning marble and granite

To keep your granite and marble countertops free of scratches, try cleaning them with microfiber cloths rather than magic erasers. Sponges are also a good option for scrubbing (as long as you don't use the abrasive side). Regular dish soap and water will keep your stone surfaces clean without damaging them. When cleaning with water, it's important to use a damp cloth or sponge rather than a sopping wet one. This is — again –because of the stone's porousness. After washing the surface, dry it thoroughly.

For stains, marble and granite both respond well to hydrogen peroxide and a baking soda and water paste. With granite, baking soda is best for oily stains. On the other hand, peroxide is better for water-based stains. When using hydrogen peroxide on marble, it should only be used on lighter-colored stone, as it could discolor a darker stone. While magic erasers are great for a wide variety of surfaces, using them on marble or granite is an easily avoidable mistake. Swap them for a non-abrasive cleaning tool instead.