The Space-Saving Trick You Need For Your Fridge And Freezer

There is nothing more frustrating than an unorganized fridge and freezer. New products getting shoved and mixed together with items that have already been chilling for a few weeks can result in unnecessary food wastage, not to mention increasing the risk of food illnesses such as food poisoning. Every year over 2.5 million tonnes of food is wasted in the home, according to The Guardian. This is due to improper storage or overly packed fridges which leads to folks neglecting certain items causing them to go bad. Luckily, all it takes is some simple planning and creative packing to save some space in your fridge and freezer which will save you time on the next meal you are preparing and help save your food budget from rotting away.

The next time you go grocery shopping, or you are preparing your weekly meals into those convenient freezer bags, consider flattening out the contents so that they can easily slip into your freezer or fridge. This flattened technique can be a game-changing fridge-organizing idea for your items to free up space so that you can fit in more and waste less. Let's take a look at how to accomplish this space-saving hack.

How to properly flatten your food to save space in your fridge and freezer

In a helpful TikTok video posted by @horderly, they explained a simple and ingenious way of packing your food so that you are saving room while organizing your refrigerator and freezer. After a hefty grocery shop when you're looking to put away certain items such as ground beef, turkey, pork, or any other meatless alternative, they suggest that you place them in freezer bags and flatten them before sealing them up for the freezer. You can easily smooth out the contents in the bag with a cup or by gently using a rolling pin to evenly distribute throughout the bag. Make certain that you are not pressing down too hard in case you rip or tear the bag. When you are done, ensure all the air is out of the bag and quickly seal it to keep in the freshness and prevent freezer burn.

This easy hack ensures that you're utilizing the whole bag while taking up way less space when you go to tuck it away. This hack can work for all sorts of ground proteins, not to mention tomato paste, as well as blended-up herbs and spices. Once all of the packages are flattened, they will eventually freeze that way and can be stacked and organized much like a bookshelf. This can make way in the freezer for your other goods which may be a bit bulkier and can't be squished smooth.