Turn Your Plain IKEA Spice Rack Into A Propagation Station With This Viral Hack

If there's one thing plant enthusiasts really love, it's more plants. Propagation is an easy way to fill your home with adorable plant babies. The process involves taking cuttings from healthy plants and putting them into water or soil so they grow new roots. Starting plants with a rooted clipping is easier than trying to grow a plant from seeds. DIY-loving green thumbs can create a propagation station using an IKEA spice rack. One viral hack will let you turn one plant into several with very little effort on your part. 

Species like pothos, dieffenbachia, and philodendron can all be propagated in water. Glass jars are a popular choice for starting new plants because they are widely available and clear. Being able to see when roots form is key to knowing when they're ready to be planted. Combining the Bekväm spice rack, leftover glass jars, and plant cuttings is an inexpensive way to enjoy a rewarding hobby. 

Transform an IKEA spice rack

You can create a minimalist propagation station by using IKEA's Bekväm spice rack. The inexpensive rack is made of wood that's easy to modify with the right tools. For this transformation, you will need the spice rack, a drill with a hole-cutting drill bit, painter's tape, small mason or jam jars, water, and plant cuttings. The hole-cutting drill bit should be similar in size to your jars, but not larger than the widest part of the jar. 

First, apply painter's tape to what would be the bottom shelf and drill three holes. Remove the tape and attach this modified piece to the rest of the spice rack per the IKEA instructions. Mount the rack to the wall with the three-hole side on the top. Fill your jars with water, but leave about an inch of space at the top. Put a jar into each of the holes and add your plant clippings. Once your station is ready, keep an eye out for root growth. The sooner you see roots, the sooner you can plop that new plant baby in some soil and watch it grow.