The Hack That Uses Pantyhose To Find Missing Items

Losing a piece of jewelry or a favorite object can be stressful, especially if you suspect it has disappeared between the couch cushions or into a sea of carpet fibers, possibly never to be seen again. Luckily, there is an easy way to recover these lost treasures, and it doesn't require renting out a metal detector for the day, but it isn't all that intuitive.

For one, you'll need a vacuum. Vacuums are typically used to suck away dirt and hair into oblivion, only to be remembered every few weeks when it's time to empty the debris chamber. So it's not the first tool you might think to reach for when recovering a dropped item. But with the help of a pair of pantyhose, you can harness the vacuum's suction power without saying goodbye to the missing object. The pantyhose leg will form a tight-knit filter over the end of your vacuum's hose, allowing only extra tiny particles like dirt and dust to pass through, but keeping your precious fallen possessions secured to the pantyhose.

Grab an old pair of tights or pantyhose

To execute this hack, you will need a handheld vacuum component such as a handy vac or a regular vacuum with a separate handheld hose. Search your drawers for a pair of old pantyhose you can use for cleaning purposes. Pantyhose is an excellent substitute for a physical filter because they are lightweight enough to allow suction and prevent larger particles such as coins, jewelry, and other trinkets from being sucked in. They are also flexible enough to fit over a variety of vacuum attachment shapes.

Cut the lower leg and foot section of the pantyhose, ensuring no holes in the toe or foot portion since this will go over the vacuum hose's opening. If the object you're searching for is particularly small, layer both legs of the pantyhose over the vacuum for added protection. Finally, secure the pantyhose with tape or an elastic band so that it stays secure while vacuuming. Then, slowly pan the vacuum over where you believe the object has fallen, checking the pantyhose filter frequently to see if you've caught your lost item. When you notice that the item has been picked up, cup your hand under the hose, turn off the vacuum, and the object should release straight into your palm.

Tips to make the hack work for you

This pantyhose trick can help you find any dropped objects, even small items like a gemstone or a clear contact lens. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to make this approach work for you. If you're using a floor vacuum, be sure not to activate the roller function as you move it along the floor, just in case you accidentally vacuum up the missing item. When you go to examine the hose, keep the suction function on, or the pantyhose will drop whatever it's caught onto. This vacuum hack works best on carpets or upholstery, as missing objects might be caught in the carpet shag or furniture crevices, or under a couch or table you can't easily reach. If you lose your item on a hard floor, just use a broom and dustpan.

If you don't have pantyhose or tights on hand, you can use another thin but tight-knit fabric. The important thing is to find something lightweight enough that it won't interfere with the vacuum's ability to suck, but without many openings that the object could pass through. Lightweight socks or underwear could also work in a pinch, but keep in mind that they will get dirty in the process, so be prepared to retire these clothing items after use. For the thrifty cleaner, just snag a disposable sock at the shoe store.