Whatever Happened To Addison's Wonderland After Shark Tank Season 4?

Addison's Wonderland, a children's bedding company, appeared on Season 4 Episode 17 of "Shark Tank" in 2013. Brittney Palazzo, referred to by her former last name, Hayes, on the show, and Brooke Bryant were hoping that "Shark Tank" would help grow their new business. When they appeared on the show, Addison's Wonderland had been operating for a year and had sold $130,000 worth of their children's bedding, which pillows, comforters, and curtains.

The inspiration and name for the company came from Palazzo's daughter, Addison, and her mother's creative ideas for designing her room. "When my sweet little Addison was ready for her first bed, I started my search for her big girl room, and everything I found had such bland colors, lacked detail, and most of the selection just was so plain and looked kind of cheap," Palazzo explained to the Sharks. "So I got out my sketchbook and started working on my vision of the ultimate little girl's room."

What happened to Addison's Wonderland on Shark Tank?

Bryant and Palazzo were seeking $90,000 in exchange for 20% of their company. While the Sharks were initially impressed with the colorful designs and quality of the products, they were shocked by the price of the children's bedding sets. When Palazzo revealed that the bedding and pillows for a twin bed would cost a consumer $1,400, Robert Herjavec's eyes widened, and the other Sharks seemed surprised as well. "That just seems like so much money to me," Herjavec said, and Lori Greiner agreed. "It's very expensive for a child's bed," Greiner said.

With the big price tag on the product, the Sharks were hesitant. Though Palazzo and Bryant did well in their first year of operating Addison's Wonderland, it wasn't enough to catch a Shark. Ultimately, Addison's Wonderland wasn't offered a deal and left the show without the help of an investor. "There's nothing wrong with what they're doing, but they're never going to get big. It's crazy," Kevin O'Leary said after the founders had left the tank.

Addison's Wonderland after Shark Tank

According to a 2017 post made on Palazzo's blog, which is also called Addison's Wonderland, about her time on the show, the company's sales increased after their episode aired, and other investment opportunities began to arise. Unfortunately, the company's good luck did not last long.

A few weeks after the show aired and in the rise of Addison's Wonderland's success, Palazzo made a decision to dissolve the company. "It was during this time that I was hit with a bombshell in our marriage and what would quickly become the hardest time in my life. My focus went from Addison's Wonderland to my family and my heart quickly slipped from my company," Palazzo wrote on her blog. "...I chose to let my dreams go. I chose to walk away. As unfair as it seemed at the time and kind of honestly to this day. And although I know we could have figured out a way to make it all work, I truly have peace in knowing that it was not meant to be."

Is Addison's Wonderland still in business?

Surprisingly, despite the founders' choice to stop pursuing the company, Addison's Wonderland is still in business. Though they no longer focus on children's bedding, Addison's Wonderland now sells a variety of home goods, including furniture, lamps, kitchen accessories, pillows, blankets, and even wallpaper. The company also sells a number of women's clothing items, from dresses to shirts and pants to jewelry. Though the original concept for Addison's Wonderland didn't have a chance to grow, Palazzo continues to expand the company with tons of new products and channels, and her entrepreneurial spirit remains strong today.

In addition to online retail, Addison's Wonderland is also currently running a brick-and-mortar location in Monroe, Georgia, where items purchased from their website can be picked up. The company is also operating a warehouse in Monroe. Palazzo's website advertises that the store can be rented out as a venue for parties.

What's next for the founders of Addison's Wonderland?

While Palazzo continues to be heavily involved in Addison's Wonderland, it is unclear if Bryant is still a part of the company. Though her LinkedIn page says she's currently Vice President of Addison's Wonderland, it still lists the company as a retailer of children's bedding. There are no other jobs listed on her LinkedIn, and it seems to be inactive. On the "About" section of the company's website, there is no mention of Bryant or her contribution to Addison's Wonderland.

According to the company's website, their designs were featured in Better Homes & Gardens, HGTV magazine, and on the websites of Oprah and "The Today Show." Addison's Wonderland's designs were also part of HGTV's DreamHome in 2019. Palazzo is now an interior designer and blogger. Though Bryant and Palazzo went on "Shark Tank" together, seeking an investor for their company, it is unclear if the pair still works together or what Bryant is doing now.