The Spa-Like Retreat Christina Hall Has At Her House

Christina Hall of "Christina on the Coast" is known for her sleek, modern style, and her taste for outdoor decoration is no different. In a Youtube video documenting her Newport Beach home, the interior designer and her husband Joshua showed viewers around a few of their favorite spaces, including a welcome backyard surprise in the form of a sauna. Sharing how the sauna came about, Christina says she was inspired by a relaxing resort she and Joshua stayed at. 

"I actually get a lot of inspiration from hotels and resorts we stay at because I feel like they're always up with the trends," she revealed, adding that the specific location they stayed at "had an amazing spa that had the sauna/ice bath vibe, and we were doing that every day there and we just felt so good, so we just decided, 'Why not recreate it at home?'" Joshua additionally shared that he built the sauna himself from a kit Christina found online after a ton of research. The sauna looks incredible and like the perfect place to relax. If you want to get your hands on one yourself, we've gathered up a few of the best below.

How to recreate Hall's spa-like retreat

Joshua Hall mentioned that Christina bought their backyard sauna online but didn't go into further detail about where she found it or the particular style. However, there are plenty of at-home saunas on the market that are quite similar to their piece. If you're looking for something for a smaller backyard or are the only one planning to use the sauna, the SalusHeat Garner-901VS Sauna has a solid weather-resistant finish and a charming rustic vibe due to its fir wood construction.

Another sauna that isn't too large, the Burlington Outdoor Infrared Sauna is designed to seat two people and has seven heaters. This option also comes with an air purifying system and Bluetooth speakers so you can vibe out while relaxing. Looking for something similar to the Halls' sauna? The rounded Seneca Barrel Sauna has an almost identical look and will fit six people inside. Featuring a classic log cabin aesthetic and coming in four different lumber types, its large size means it's perfect if you don't like feeling claustrophobic. It also comes with an LED light that could help set the ambiance.