Why You Might Want To Hesitate Before Painting Your Porch White

White evokes feelings of serenity and cleanliness, making it a popular color to paint your house. While you might be tempted to choose this color for your porch to match your home's exterior and to make it feel like an outdoor oasis, experts will tell you it might not be the greatest idea. This is because the weather in some areas can make white a poor porch color choice.

Principal broker Dill Ward says that those who live in rainy environments should avoid painting their porches white as it would cause the surface to require constant cleaning. "White might seem like a good choice, but it's not great because it gets dirty looking," he told Apartment Therapy. "Every time I see white, especially in our area in Oregon, it just rains, and then it looks dirty." Raindrops are created when water vapor condenses with other particles like dirt, salt, smoke, or dust. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind whatever it condensed with. While these spots could be hidden by certain porch colors, they're typically amplified on bright white porches. 

White porches can require more maintenance

In addition to residue left behind from the rain which will require frequent washing, white porches can also require more maintenance than a porch painted in a darker color. "White paint not only shows dirt more easily, but it will also show scuffs," decorator and color expert Matt Stone tells Livingetc. Our porches are high-traffic areas that feet, furniture, grocery bags, packages, and other items pass over. This leaves the paint job prone to being chipped, dinged, and dented. Painting your porch white will only make that damage more visible, which may require you to have to repaint the surface more frequently. 

If you live in an area with heavy snow that requires you to shovel your porch several times a year, then white is probably not the best choice as well. This is because your shovel is sure to leave a scuff mark or two. Your porch is prominent and gives an impression of what your overall home is like, so you really don't want it to look shabby as it could bring down the look of the rest of your home's exterior.

Better colors to paint your porch

If you're not interested in frequently having to clean or repaint your porch, you might want to consider some of these better color options that will upgrade your curb appeal. Choosing the right color can make your home appear inviting for guests while also decreasing the amount of maintenance required to sustain a clean look. 

Colors like sky blue or light grey will make your porch only appear darker rather than dirty after it rains. These lighter-hued colors will also help to keep your patio cooler in warmer climates. If you want to go in the opposite direction and choose a darker color, you might be interested in a chocolate or espresso-hued wood stain to give your home a rich and strong appearance. A color like navy blue is similarly robust and will evoke a nautical look. 

Painting your patio with a pop of color can be a fun option that brings an energetic feeling of liveliness to your property.  However, you need to keep in mind the color of your home so that the shades don't clash. For instance, if your home is a shade of green, painting the porch red may make it look like Christmas all year round, which may not be ideal. Since softer colors are more popular for porches, you can try seafoam green or mauve for a more unique look.