Are Silk Sheets Really Worth The Money?

Unlike cotton or polyester sheets, silk sheets have a luxury connotation to them because of their elegant look and feel. However, this luxe look comes with a bigger price tag, and for many people, that's enough to cast doubt on whether more expensive sheets are truly worth the splurge. If you are one of those people wondering whether or not silk sheets can be worth the investment, the answer is yes, they definitely can. Nevertheless, before you start researching the best silk sheets for your budget, there are a few things you should know so you can make an informed decision before you purchase.

As mentioned, the appearance of silk sheets makes them feel like a worthy investment if you're looking to splurge on some new bedding. However, factors like cost, special care, and the general advantages and disadvantages of silk sheets could impact how you feel about them, and it's important to keep these things in mind when searching for your perfect sheets. 

There are a lot of benefits that come with silk sheets

First things first, silk is breathable. This makes silk sheets ideal for both hot and cold weather, as they will absorb your body heat and keep things cozy in cold weather but get rid of excess moisture in hot weather. Another major plus of silk sheets is that silk is hypoallergenic. If you have ever suffered from seasonal allergies or are sensitive to dust, silk is resistant to dust building up — goodbye, stuffy nose. Moreover, despite their delicate and luxe look, silk sheets are a lot more durable than you may think. Silk is a strong natural fiber, and it also retains freshness better than cotton or polyester sheets (though you should still wash your sheets often).

Moving onto hair and skin benefits. You may have heard that silk sheets help to maintain hair health, and this is true. Because silk has a naturally smooth texture, there will be less friction between your sheets and your hair, helping you reduce frizz and maintain sleekness. In addition, silk pillowcases will help your hair stay hydrated because they don't absorb and strip away moisture like cotton does. Silk sheets are also beneficial for your skin for this same reason — they won't take any excess moisture from your skin, making them particularly useful if you suffer from a dry complexion.

There are a few drawbacks, too

However, there are a few downsides to using silk sheets, too. The main downside is that silk bedding is pricey – with sheets that use higher-quality silk costing anywhere from $200 to $700. Bearing in mind that you're probably looking to buy more than one set so you can swap out on laundry days, the initial investment will sting a little. Always ensure that the label says 100% silk, as some brands use a polyester/silk blend that will not have the same advantages as pure silk.

Additionally, when it's time to wash your silk sheets, you'll have to take extra care. Regular detergent may be too harsh, and special detergent is also an added cost. You'll also need to put your sheets on a gentle cycle — no throwing them in with your other laundry. As for drying, silk bedding has a tendency to fade in direct sunlight, so putting your sheets outside to dry isn't the best idea if they're a brighter color. Still, if you've been looking for sheets that will make a positive difference to how your hair feels in the morning, are good for all seasons, and will look luxe in your bedroom, then silk sheets are definitely an option to consider if you don't mind the luxury price tag.