Create A Beautiful Budget-Friendly Centerpiece With TikTok's IKEA Hack

When you walk into an IKEA store, you usually want to come back with some (if not most) of what's in there. Even if you don't purchase a big ticket item (like furniture or appliances), you're probably still tempted to walk away with something simple, like a storage bin, placemat, or plant pot for your home or garden. You may find inspiration to make something new from IKEA items, like transforming its MOPPE chest into an adorable crafting station.

While many of these projects can be large and ambitious (like using BILLY bookcases to DIY gorgeous built-in bookshelves), others can be easy, small, and quick for you to make. TikToker discovered that before posting a hack that shows how to create a beautiful table centerpiece. Using items they primarily purchased from IKEA, Menawox shows how you can create a beautiful and even bohemian-inspired centerpiece to elevate the decor of your next dinner party or outdoor event.

What you need for this hack

When you reach IKEA, you will want to pick up a few items to create this DIY centerpiece. The first is the IKEA SOARÉ placemat, handmade from water hyacinth and covered in a clear lacquer. This 15-inch piece runs only around $7. The second important element is a FRIDFULL indoor plant pot. Like the placemat, the pot is surrounded by gorgeous hand-braided water hyacinth. The FRIDFULL indoor plant pot comes in two sizes, but the smaller one works best for this hack at a cost of around $11. Next, you'll need a glass cylinder vase, which you can purchase as part of a set of three for less than $20 (or you could buy one from Dollar Tree for around $1.25). Then, go to IKEA's candle section to pick up a pack of 4 HEMSJÖ block candles for under $5. 

Unfortunately, the wreath, which combines the entire look, cannot be found at IKEA. There are many different resources to find something that would look great for this hack. You could purchase a pre-made wreath like this 2-pack of faux boxwood wreaths from Walmart for under $18. Or if you want to take a crafty angle, use this simple $4 grapevine wreath from Michaels, and decorate it with artificial flowers for that genuinely customized look. It is important to keep in mind that your wreath should not exceed 10 inches.

Now that you have the materials, it's time to bring the whole look together.

Bringing the entire look together

In Menawox's TikTok tutorial, they turn the FRIDFULL pot upside down, place the placemat on top of it, add the candle inside the vase, and finish it off by setting the wreath. For a more steady and secure piece that you can use multiple times, we recommend reaching for your tube of E6000 glue and permanently attaching the placemat to the bottom of the pot. We also recommend doing the same to permanently fix the vase and wreath to the placemat. Because candles may be a fire hazard, you might want to consider using a flameless candle, like this one you can purchase from World Market for under $10. 

This hack can be further customized to your own aesthetic by using different pots, placemats, and candle holders. Once the entire piece comes together, you'll have a beautiful and somewhat bohemian centerpiece that will be a perfect accent for your fall picnic, indoor dinner party, or even backyard wedding.