Nancy Sheppard

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Hampton Roads, VA
American Military University
DIY And Fun Home Hacks, History Of American Home Design And Architecture, Sensory-friendly Homes
  • Nancy Sheppard is the senior lead news editor for House Digest.
  • She has spent extensive time studying the history of American architecture and home design trends. She takes a special interest in setting up a home that is sensory-friendly.
  • Nancy loves DIY, fun home hacks, and studying the history of home design and architecture.


In addition to her work as the senior lead news editor for House Digest, Nancy Sheppard is a highly accomplished nonfiction history author, lecturer, photographer, and editorial manager. Her work has been featured in various publications, including a special edition of Virginia Living magazine. Nancy has been nominated for four awards for her nonfiction history writing. In her spare time, she loves traveling, starting new DIY projects, creating artwork, and spending time with her husband and children.


Nancy graduated from American Military University with a B.A. in history with a focus on research and writing. She is currently a graduate candidate at American Public University System for an M.A. in American history.
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