This TikTok Hack Will Make Your Cabinets Smell Better With Only Two Items

No matter what you store in them, cabinets have a tendency to gain a displeasing odor over time. While this isn't necessarily a sign of something bad, it can be unpleasant to encounter. Luckily, there is a way to stop your cabinets from giving off a strange scent without needing to do a complete cleanout. The following TikTok hack will make your home smell great without you needing to put in much effort, and it only requires two products.

If you don't air out your cabinets often, the smell could start to seep into whatever is inside, causing more work for you when you have to wash everything. One of the most common odors is mustiness. Mustiness is usually caused by moisture within your cabinets, which can occur no matter how old they are. Sometimes, cabinets aren't musty but do have a lingering dustiness that you can't shake. Perhaps you have recently painted your kitchen cabinets and are now stuck with the strong scent of fresh paint. Whatever the smell, this hack will freshen up your cabinets instantly.

This simple hack will get rid of any musty smells

The hack, which was posted on TikTok by @martinedelasoul, requires only two products — felt pads (also known as furniture sliders) and an essential oil of your choice. Take the backing off the felt pad and stick it to the inside of the cabinet (near the bottom or top if you don't want it to easily be seen). Then, all you have to do is apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the front of the felt pad, and you're done! Not only will your cabinet immediately smell better, but you'll also get a fresh waft of fragrance whenever you open the door. 

If you store towels or bed linens in your cabinet, remember that the scent will probably soak into them. Don't want them to take on a strong fragrance? Choose an essential oil that isn't as potent. Additionally, it probably isn't the best idea to put scented felt pads inside a cabinet that stores food or other perishables, as it might affect the quality of these items. In addition to cabinets, this hack could also work in wardrobes and dressers to greet you with a fresh scent as you get ready for the day.