The Christina On The Coast Episode That Featured An Awkward Home Owner Demo

HGTV's "Christina on the Coast" host Christina Hall is known for helping homeowners create stylish rooms through her design skills and keen eye. While homeowners each season have trusted her expert vision and renovation plans for their homes, at least one homeowner may have been a little too eager in his kitchen remodeling plans. When surveying the kitchen of a lovely California Tudor home for the first time, Hall noticed that the owner had opened up part of the wall in the kitchen himself to see if the wall could be removed.

After the reno design process had commenced and Hall had received a quote for $100,000 to remove the wall, the owner once again committed to taking down the wall himself, hoping to save the money for rehabbing an outdoor space. When Hall discovered he had gotten a head start on demolishing the wall, she and her design partner James Bender were somewhat shocked, telling House Beautiful, "It's not often I have homeowners doing their own demo."

Jumping the gun

The homeowner in the episode also began to remove the tiled backsplash and knock holes in other kitchen walls long before the final design had been nailed down, prompting James Bender to playful acknowledge the homeowner's impatience. The owner's other undisclosed modifications included removing an existing dumbwaiter in the kitchen and demolishing a fireplace mantle, which the HGTV team later redesigned. 

While Christina Hall and her team finished off the rest of the demo themselves for the enthusiastic homeowners, the owner continued to jump the gun much to his partner's chagrin. According to House Beautiful, his spouse told Hall, "You don't even know what he's been doing. I am so happy the professionals are finally here because every day I would come home from work and something else would be demoed." While the owner's overeagerness may have compromised some of the terms of their contract with HGTV for the renovation, luckily the enthusiasm of the homeowner and their modifications caused no major setbacks in Hall's renovation of their kitchen and other areas of the home.