The Simple Lavender Hack For Keeping Mosquitos Away From Your Home

While getting sunlight and fresh air is good for your health — getting mosquito bites isn't. According to the CDC, twelve species of mosquito pose a risk to humans. They transmit viruses like Zika and parasites like Malaria by feeding on infected mammals and later feeding on healthy ones. We spend an average of six billion dollars every year on mosquito repellents, yet they leave some folks equally repulsed. The common ingredient, DEET, is effective in keeping the pests away, but it has an unpleasant odor and can be toxic. Luckily, lavender in all its forms is proven to drive mosquitoes away. 

Because they are exceptionally good at smelling and tracking humans, mosquitoes pose a real problem. Planting, spraying, or even wearing lavender has been shown to be effective in repelling the blood-loving insects. While many people adore the scent of the purple flower, it is utterly hated by mosquitoes. Swapping lavender oil for a harsher-smelling repellent is a natural and effective way to ward off mosquitoes so that you can actually enjoy your outdoor space

Make simple yet effective mosquito repellents with lavender

Simply decorating your home with fresh lavender will irritate mosquitoes. Lavender is considered a beginner-friendly flower, and growing lavender near doorways and windows will be a fragrant barrier that mosquitoes won't want to cross. A DIY spray consisting of ten drops of lavender oil per ounce of water is also a quick and easy room solution. Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and mist areas prone to mosquitoes. Another method includes witch hazel, glycerin, and vodka, along with a mix of essential oils like lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and geranium. It is a more potent solution that smells very strong to mosquitoes. When using lavender in your home, keep it away from pets. While not lethal, it is toxic when ingested and can cause multiple complications like nausea and vomiting.

According to New Mexico State University researcher Hailey Luker, it's not a good idea to put any essential oil directly on your skin. Instead, she says to dilute it to less than 10 percent. Meaning if you create a topical lotion with lavender oil, you should have nine parts lotion to one part oil. Lavender is an effective repelling agent for up to eight hours per application but works best when paired with other strongly scented oils like citronella.