Sanding Hard-To-Reach Places Is Easy With This Genius Duct Tape Hack

Whether you have a woodworking hobby on the side or flip used furniture on Facebook Marketplace, you know the importance of sanding down a wooden piece before staining it. However, some pieces are easier to sand than others. While blocky nightstands and minimalist tables are a breeze to smooth, items with ornate designs, complex etchings, or intricate angles can be more challenging. And one of the most annoying things about trying to sand these nooks and crannies is that your sandpaper often rips while doing so. That's because you have to pull on it to get into these tight spaces, and the tension rips it in half. However, duct tape might help with that.

The problem is that sandpaper backing is made out of either super thin paper or cotton. Since that won't hold up to tough maneuvering, you need to reinforce it so it can take a little bit of pulling, twisting, and stretching while you try to complete your project. And that's where the silver tape steps in. Here's why you should incorporate duct tape into your sanding routine.

How to use duct tape to reinforce sandpaper

Using duct tape to reinforce sandpaper is a great hack to try since most people already have the utilitarian tape at home. You don't need to run to the store to buy yet another specialty item. Instead, you can use something you already have in your garage, giving it a second job. In this case, it's making your sandpaper hardier. 

And the best part is that it's easy to do so. All you need to do is grab your duct tape and layer a piece on the backside of the sandpaper. That's the part that doesn't have the grit. Since you want to use this to get into tough-to-reach nooks and crannies, cut the paper to the size of the duct tape strip, creating a thin and long band. You can then use it to get in between boards, smooth out hanging edges, or tackle any other finer details. It won't rip or snag since it has a reinforced backing.