The Kitchen Ingredient That'll Keep Wasps Out Of Your Yard And Garden

Wasps swarming around your backyard is one thing that can ruin spending a lovely sunny day outside. You're trying to enjoy laying in your hammock with an exciting book, but hearing a buzz every few seconds is enough to make you go inside. Whether you're allergic to wasps or scared of them is enough to want them far away from your home. While there are many ways to get rid of wasps by setting up traps, garlic powder is a simplistic way to drive them away from your yard and garden, especially when you have nothing else nearby.

Garlic powder is a spicy kitchen ingredient with a potent smell that wasps despise. One whiff of the spice, and they'll be flying far away from your garden. Wasps don't like acidic foods, like cucumber, basil, and garlic, so they tend to fly in the opposite direction when they cross paths with them. You can place minced garlic in a bowl and set it on a nearby table to prevent the wasps from going near you, but creating a solution with garlic powder is more effective at repelling them.

Create a garlic powder solution

Wasps enjoy the hot weather like most of us do, so they tend to show up when we decide to go outside and have a picnic. However, they can ruin a fun time when they get too close to the food or friends. Before they have the chance to make an appearance, use garlic powder and water in a spray bottle to spray around your yard. You don't need a lot of garlic powder; fill up your desired spray bottle with water and add a few teaspoons of garlic inside. Give your backyard a few spritzes, and enjoy your time outside.

Fresh, minced garlic will also work if you don't have garlic powder. You only need to mince and toss one clove into your spray bottle. Placing a few extra cloves or a scoop of garlic powder in a bowl will help repel the wasps for longer. When you spray the mixture, ensure you avoid spraying the wasps directly to prevent killing them. All you need is to spray the area you'll be around. To keep wasps out of your garden, consider growing garlic so that you always have a repellent to deter the wasps. It's an excellent natural and pet-safe repellent to keep your yard and garden wasp-free.