The Hack That'll Make Drying Dishes A Breeze Without A Rack

When you don't have a dishwasher, properly hand-washing your dishes is more than just a matter of lathering and rinsing; you'll also need to come up with a way to quickly dry them. A dish drying rack may be a good investment, but they take counter space, aren't useful for travel, and may not be necessary if you only hand wash occasionally. Additionally, laying your wet dishes on the countertop can create humid conditions that breed bacteria, while hand-drying with a dish towel can also spread germs. Instead, rummage through the back of your silverware drawer for a few spare chopsticks and use them to prop up your dishes for better airflow. 

That's right; if you've got dishes piling up in your sink, you have our permission to order takeout — just be sure to ask for a few extra chopsticks! Learn more about how to turn this versatile utensil into a low-profile dish drying rack, why we love this idea, and ways you can take this hack on the go.

Balance your dishes on chopsticks

To turn your chopsticks into a drying rack, lay two chopsticks parallel to each other like train tracks. You can do this directly on the countertop or lay a dish towel underneath to catch dripping water. Next, balance the rim of your glasses, bowls, measuring cups, and more across the two chopsticks. That's it! Because the dishes are held up by the chopsticks, they'll have better airflow inside the container, allowing water to drip out instead of pooling or collecting humidity. This airflow is key to faster drying time, less bacteria, and freeing up your counter space as quickly as possible. 

Bamboo chopsticks have the added benefit of absorbing moisture from your dishes, but you could also dry your reusable chopsticks this way, hitting two birds with one stone. Bamboo is also naturally antimicrobial, so you can use the same chopsticks again and again. While the chopstick drying rack works for almost anything, it's especially great for wine glasses and other delicate hand-washed dishes to encourage quick drying and spot prevention. Because the chopsticks quickly pack up and fit in small spaces, you can also take this "drying rack" on the go for camping, hotel stays, and more.