The Adorable Garden Activity HGTV's Joanna Gaines Uses To Get Her Kids Involved

Gardening, or going outside in general, might not be something high on your kid's activity list. If you have gardening that needs to get done but you're needing extra hands, HGTV's Joanna Gaines has once again saved the day. She gave her Instagram fans a glimpse at an adorable way she got her son Crew to join her in the garden. The key? Garden fairies!

The idea of garden fairies dates all the way back to earlier centuries from Irish folklore. These mystical creatures are supposed to represent nature and serve as overseers for personal gardens. Some homeowners — Gaines included — have little garden structures to create a village that symbolizes where the fairies live. To get her son involved in sprucing up the area, she had him play along to create a peaceful "retreat village" for the hardworking fairies that watch over the Gaines household. The DIY R&R included the most adorable little fairy cottages with a pond in the center of the courtyard, stone fencing, and faux grass made of moss.

How to set up your own fairy garden

Want to create your own fairy garden with charm and whimsy? There's no certain way to set up your garden, which is the fun part. You're able to customize the restful retreat for your own fairies with items you make DIY style or those you can buy from retailers such as Amazon. If you want to include cottages like Joanna Gaines did in your fairy garden, there are pre-made ones available or you can make your own with a wooden birdhouse.

Setting up the actual fairy garden or making items to place in the village is a great way to get your children involved in gardening. The wonder of the fairies and the creation of the village allow the little mind's imagination to run wild while creating an adorable scene in your garden. Plus, this will get them active outdoors and help with sprucing up your flower bed for a more lively scene.