Is There A Best Time Of Year To Start A Kitchen Remodel?

Remodeling your kitchen is a great opportunity to breathe new life into the space and increase your home's value if you're planning to sell in the future, but actually planning and executing this task is much more work than you might expect. Obviously, deciding what accents you want to incorporate, who you want to hire, and where you want to buy your materials can get difficult, but actually scheduling your kitchen's renovation can be even more of a challenge, especially when you consider that a full kitchen remodel can last three to five months. Thankfully, there are certain times of year that can help make this entire process run much more smoothly.

The exact best time of year to start a kitchen remodel, of course, depends entirely on your specific situation, but there are still some factors you can consider when making your final decision. Then, once you finally do decide on a start date, you can begin to turn all those kitchen remodeling ideas you've saved online into a reality of your own.

Starting in the spring

For most people, starting a kitchen remodel in the spring is the logical first choice. It's a season of spring cleaning, gardening, home improvements, and fresh starts, so it would only make sense to get started on a larger project around this time, too. Additionally, spring usually provides some of the most temperate and moderate weather of the year, and a spring start time should also allow you to wrap up the project before temperatures reach their peak in July or early August. If you have kids in the house, this timeline can also be helpful as it ensures you'll be free to meet with contractors and get started on projects while the kids are in school during the day.

As a bonus, starting renovations in spring ensures you won't have to deal with a gutted kitchen during major holidays, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. It is, however, likely that you'll run into some issues around Easter if you celebrate, but that gives you the perfect excuse to take the festivities outside or head over to a family member's place.

Other considerations to keep in mind

Spring is likely going to be the best season to start a kitchen remodel for most, but, sometimes, there are some minor adjustments that can be helpful in specific situations. For instance, if you live in an extra-hot climate, you know that late spring and early summer can still bring grueling weather. May in Phoenix, Arizona, for example, frequently means average high temperatures in the 90s. Somewhere like this also likely experiences warmer winters, so it can be helpful to push renovations back a few months to capitalize on comfortable temperatures in February.

On the opposite side of the coin, some locations are still basically frozen in early spring, so it can be beneficial to start renovations a bit later, like in April or May. Either way, this time of the year is basically the best across the board — you or your contractors will be comfortable while working, you won't have to deal with a gutted kitchen during the holiday season, and the spirit of change and improvement is in the air.