Christina Hall Weighed In On If You Should Use Subway Tile In Your Next Renovation

Subway tiles are a style that first appeared in NYC subway stations after being designed to be easy to clean and to provide riders with a sense of familiarity. Since then, they have become a common design feature to add a classic feel to a space and now come in various shapes and sizes. When sharing some of her design ins and outs, HGTV star Christina Hall landed in the middle when asked about subway tiles (via HGTV).

Because of how prevalent they are, it's no surprise that Hall and her design partner James Bender agree on subway tiles being "in-ish." This is because using them in your next renovation or not mainly depends on how you choose to incorporate them. Subway tiles are very versatile and come in a wide range of options so the better question is the best way to use this design feature if you want to add it to your new home.

How to use subway tiles in a more creative way

The traditional subway tile look involves taking white rectangular tiles and laying them with a 50% offset where the middle of the tiles lines up with the edges of those above and under it. However, in their more modern incarnation, there's plenty of flexibility in the layout and appearance of subway tiles. According to HGTV, some pro tips for adding subway tiles to your home include being more creative with the size, pattern, and texture.

Some options are to use a one-third or one-fourth offset, a vertical layout, or a traditional or unconventional herringbone pattern. For the size, it depends on the purpose and location. Smaller tiles are best for things like the kitchen backsplash or shower wall while large format tiles are a clever way to make a room feel more spacious. You can also go beyond the traditional ceramic material and try stone or marble for a more textured, elegant look.