The Pink Halloween Trend Is Taking Over TikTok And We Can't Get Enough Of It

Closely following the bright pink Barbiecore trend, Pinkoween is the cutest style on the horizon. As we creep into the fall season, you might start to notice a rise in pink and pastel Halloween decorations. The trendiest stores for seasonal home décor have already set out on stocking some of their spooky but sparkling inventory. Influencers who focus on home décor and shopping are storming big craft stores and TJX companies for their pink collections of Halloween-themed items. In their videos, they show off large hauls of adorable witchy and ghostly accent pieces like throw blankets, ceramic décor, tablecloths, signs, and more.

Those who aren't necessarily fans of the traditional and scary Halloween aesthetic may want to jump on this trend. Michaels stores' Sweet and Spooky Collection is a great place to start, as it contains a variety of pastel and pink pieces that may make you scream over how cute they are. Below, we've gathered some pink Halloween decorations from the craft store and several other retailers that followed suit with their own trendy trinkets and furnishings.

1. Crystal ball

Among TikTok's finds is this Pink Crystal Ball Tabletop Décor piece that regularly costs about $13 at Michaels. This decoration is one of the items shown in TikToker @kerishops25's haul of pink Halloween items from the popular craft store. The furnishing piece that's just over 1 inch thick looks like a crystal ball filled with gold stars and has some black accents.

2. Skeleton hand

At the same store, TikToker @kerishops25 also found this Pink Skeleton Hand Tabletop Accent that brings countless possible uses to mind. She suggests laying one on a stack of books, but you could also give yours something to hold like a soap bar, which is mentioned by one commenter under her TikTok as a spooky but practical idea. Find it at Michaels for approximately $8, though it's sometimes on sale.

3. Skeleton planter

If you love the skeleton hand, you might also enjoy this Halloween Succulent in Pink Skeleton Planter that comes with a fake succulent inside. From the craft store Joann's, the tiny ceramic planter is going for less than $6. It could be an adorable addition to your coffee table or a street-facing window to let everyone know that your home is ready for Halloween this year.

4. LED string lights

LED string lights can be very versatile when you're decorating for any holiday. When making your Halloween theme pink, you could use these Pink LED Lights that retail for almost $33 on Amazon. They feature a pink cord, so no white or green wires will ruin the aesthetic. String them up around your home, place them inside larger decorations, or drape them over a mantle for a bright pink festive effect.

5. Halloween throw blanket

One of the easiest ways to make your home prepared for the spooky holiday is to switch out the throw blankets you use on your chairs, couches, or beds. By putting away your over-loved throws and breaking out some more festive options, you can bring a whole new vibe to your space. For instance, you could use the 50-by-60-inch Cute Halloween Pink Blanket that's fleece from Shutterfly. It normally costs about $90, though it's regularly on sale.

6. Ghost tablecloth

Made obvious in a TikTok posted by @kelseyo123, Home Goods is a popular spot to shop for Halloween décor. In her pastel haul, she shows off multiple throw blankets, pillows, and other miscellaneous furnishings. the 60-by-104-inch Booyah Ghosts Tablecloth that costs about $17 could be a great addition to your dining room. It has light pink base and creepily cute characters that could make it a hit at a Halloween dinner party.

7. Ceramic Jack o' lantern

Also from Home Goods (though not featured in the previous TikTok Halloween haul) is this Ceramic LED Jack O Lantern. The about $15 ceramic pumpkin stands 9 inches tall and comes with an LED light and switch. Light up the pink pumpkin on your dining room table to enjoy its soft glow or place it in a protected space on your patio for a spooky night.

8. Mug rug coasters

Trendy rug coasters have been revamped for this Halloween and they're available in pink. One option is these Spooky Pink Halloween Mug Rugs from Embroidery with Aycan on Etsy. Available in six different styles, the punch needle coasters are shaped like ghosts, pumpkins, and candy corn. Each 100% homemade coaster is approximately $14, though they're sometimes sold for less.

9. Pumpkin party serving platter

If you're gathering your favorite pink Halloween décor and you love throwing parties, don't forget to switch out your serving dishes as well. Likely, you'll need a serving platter to set out creepy cookies or other scary sweets, and the Halloween Pumpkin Party Serving Platter from Shutterfly could work. For around $30, this tray measures about 14 by 10 inches and is resistant to scratches and breaking.

10. Round throw pillow

In addition to the pink Halloween products we already mentioned from Michaels, they've also made available their Hey Boo Round Pillow that's regularly sold for about $27. Fairly large, the circular cushion is 16 inches tall and wide for a comfy place to rest your head this fall. The pastel pink and purple details help to make this pillow frighteningly cute.

11. Pumpkin hand wash

When talking about trendy Halloween décor, the holiday sections at TJX Stores are a favorite place to shop for many homeowners. This Cinnamon and Spiced Pumpkin Hand Wash that costs almost $5 at T.J.Maxx combines pink matte paint and sparkling gold glitter to glamourize your bathroom or kitchen sink for the season. However, keep in mind that some TikTokers have had better luck finding more pink and pastel Halloween-themed hand soaps in-store than online.

12. French bulldog skeleton

You can make pets part of your creepy-cute decorating style too! This French Bulldog Halloween Scene Prop that's sold online at Target for $20 could be used as a decorative guard for your front door or lawn. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use, the little guy stands about 10 inches tall and features a pink ombre effect. Place it among neutral décor for a bright pop of color or integrate it into a pastel Halloween theme.

13. Halloween glass container

This 6-inch-tall glass bottle is not only decorative but also functional, as it could be used to store your candies, trinkets, or incense cones. A little over 3 inches in diameter, the small container can fit on most mantles and windowsills. You can find the Pink Love Potion Bottle Tabletop Décor piece at Michaels for nearly $10.

14. Bats and speckles door mat

From Shutterfly, the Grungy Bats and Speckles Pink Door Mat, or another mat like it, could be one of your outdoor decorations. This piece would let your guests and neighbors know that your home is ready for the looming Halloween festivities. Regularly at a cost of about $50, this door mat in particular is made from durable felt-looped polyester on the front and durgan rubber on its underside, so it's likely to last for many years.

15. Table runner

Great for creating a pink Halloween tabletop display, the glittery 13-by-72-inch Artoid Mode Pink Halloween Table Runner costs approximately $10 on Amazon. It features a few different Halloween motifs, and reviews indicate that the images are high-quality while the fabric is durable. The same seller also offers the same piece but with a black background, if a darker color is more your style.