Level Up Your Halloween Decor With This DIY Pool Noodle Spider

For many, DIYing seasonal décor is a much better alternative to buying pricey pieces from retail stores. Plus, these projects give you something to do with friends or family over the weekend. Or, if you're spending some time by yourself, crafting is a great task to complete on a relaxing Friday night. If you're looking to win the best Halloween-decorated house contest in your neighborhood, then incorporating a gigantic pool noodle spider is a DIY must this spooky season. TikTok user @hollyjollypumpkinpatch created a pool noodle spider that gave her home the right amount of eeriness.

The spine-chilling, crawly spider is the perfect addition for homes with minimal décor that need a budget-friendly pop of creepiness. Hang it on your roof, a pillar, or the steps leading up to your front door to give your trick-or-treaters a little scare. You'll need four black pool noodles, nine-gauge fencing wire, black duct tape, ½ of a 9.6-inch craft foam ball, one full 5.6-inch craft foam ball, a cotton clothesline, and a ½-inch-thick wooden dowel. You could also buy a few extra black pool noodles to DIY Halloween candles and display them with your spider. This creepy, crawly decoration will be the talk of the town, and your neighbors may even ask you how to make one for their own home.

DIY spider step-by-step tutorial

Start your project by cutting the nine-gauge fencing wire into four 6-foot long pieces with wire cutters. Then, insert the fencing wire pieces into each pool noodle. Next, place each noodle side-by-side and tie the middle together with the clothesline. Ensure the knot is tight so that it doesn't come undone, but keep the noodles next to each other instead of on top of one another. Cut the ends of the clothesline off so that the pieces aren't hanging from the legs.

Next, cover your foam balls entirely in black duct tape. The tape won't look smooth, but that's okay. You'll be using the foam balls as the body and head. Take the wooden dowel, cut it down to 6 inches long, and poke it through both balls to connect them. Then, attach the body to the legs with duct tape. You only need a few strips of tape; apply them from one end of the body and then underneath to the other side. Finally, slightly bend each leg one time to resemble a real-life spider. You can create a faux spider web for a full spooky effect or simply hang just the spider by itself.