The Creative Way Martha Stewart Added A Gorgeous Dining Space To Her Home

When it comes to creatively repurposing and decorating spaces, we often turn to Martha Stewart for inspiration. The way she remodeled an open porch to create a lovely dining area in her Lily Pond Lane home in the Hamptons is no exception. That's right, instead of turning a porch into an alternate sitting area by enclosing it and adding an abundance of windows, she expanded the space in her home for enjoying lovely light-filled meals with family and friends.

While Stewart doesn't own the property anymore, as noted on Instagram, the room featured lovely wood-framed windows that coordinated with nearby mahogany shelving and a white-topped table designed to seat more than a dozen people. The casually-elegant space offered not only a place to convene for a meal, but an inviting retreat where she and her guests could enjoy the surrounding landscape in climate-controlled comfort. Add in various touches of green décor that are quintessentially Stewart, and you have an alluring space where even a cup of coffee would feel like a treat.

Stewart's creativity in decorating with green

Since sitting down at a dining table — whether it's a brunch for twelve or a cozy dinner for two — offers a time for relaxation and reflection, green is a perfect color to incorporate for a soothing, calming effect. In her Lily Pond Lane dining room, Martha Stewart selected Mexican tile for the floor in an attractive blue-green color that coordinated with the paint that covered her vintage dining chairs. Stewart went one step further by making other décor personal; she incorporated collections in varying shades of green that worked beautifully together.

One of the most outstanding examples is a grouping of McCoy pottery jardinières that were housed on mahogany shelving akin to the wood tones used elsewhere in the room. Several large green glass jars were also perched handsomely near a collection of conch shells on a drawer-filled cabinet, perfect for holding dining room essentials. And, if that wasn't enough lovely green, there was also a collection of small, handled pitchers, each one a bit different and holding fresh flower bouquets, arranged down the center of the dining table. Even if you don't have a porch you can convert like Stewart did, you can still take a few decorating cues from her to create a casually-elegant dining space filled with comforting green shades.