The Trick To Give Your Monstera Plant The Neatest Look

Monsteras are a fantastic option for anyone in search of a low-maintenance plant. You can grow them anywhere in your home, providing greenery in your living space. But just because your monstera is easy to care for doesn't mean you can't baby it, helping it to grow in a neat way. Since monsteras need support to grow large, luscious leaves, you can use a shovel handle for support, encouraging it to grow into something majestic. You can then use bamboo sticks and garden wire to help shape the direction its leaves grow. And since you'll be removing these sticks, you can use as many as you'd like, helping to shape your monstera. 

The result is a monstera plant with the leaves facing forward and the roots facing toward the back. This allows you to marvel at the wonder of your monstera's leaves instead of staring at the back of them. While you don't have to train your monstera plant to face forward, it gives it a polished look. If you're ready to give your prized houseplant a completely new look, then this incredible hack is for you. 

Train your monstera using bamboo sticks

According to @thecinematicfly, you can change the look of your monstera, helping it to grow in the direction you want. For starters, you should have the front of your monstera facing the main source of light — most likely your window. This doesn't mean that if your plant is in a shady part of your home you should run and move it — when you quickly move your monstera from shade to full sun, you run the risk of burning the leaves. Next, you need to fully support your monstera. This awesome TikTok hack uses a new shovel handle to support the weight of the monstera so it can grow. You might eventually find that your support shovel isn't high enough to keep up with your big-leaf houseplants.

Next, you need to use bamboo sticks and garden wires to help train your monstera. These wires are perfect for gripping leaves and can work to slowly transform the direction your houseplant's leaves face. Just keep in mind that you don't want to move its leaves too fast — slowly work them into shape. Once you remove the sticks, you'll find that your monstera's leaves stay in place. The goal is to encourage all your monstera's leaves to face forward and its roots to face toward the back so you can appreciate its full green effect. You should also prune your monstera, removing any dry or broken leaves.