The Hack That Uses A Common Tool To Lift Up Heavy Items

Sometimes, lifting heavy things can't be avoided. Whether you're moving house, renovating a room, or just rearranging furniture, at some point it's inevitable you'll have to move heavy furniture. However, oftentimes, these items can be tricky to lift and could potentially cause you to become injured. Instead of hurting yourself trying to lift more than you can bear, reach for a flat pry bar (sometimes also known as just a flat bar).

Affordable and easy to come across, a flat pry bar will give you the extra lift you need when lifting heavy items. Though their main use is to pry apart materials (hence the name) and remove deeply embedded nails, flat pry bars are a versatile tool that you should consider investing in if you do a lot of decorating and renovation in your home. As well as lifting heavy items, this useful tool can be used to lift floorboards, making it a solid all-round item to have in your toolbox.

Never struggle to lift heavy items again

Of course, this tip won't work for certain items, as you need to be able to slot the flat bar underneath to use it for lifting. Some doors don't have enough space for you to incorporate a flat bar. However, a bar should work well with furniture pieces, as items like wardrobes are more likely to feature a small gap underneath. Most bars come in a similar width and depth, but you could try looking for a thinner one if you're looking to move a furniture piece or door with an exceptionally small gap.

Moreover, even though pry bars are designed to withstand force, they may not be able to hold items that are exceptionally heavy. In cases like this, it's best to skip using the bar and get a professional or recruit several people to help lift the item. Otherwise, you could end up both injuring yourself and breaking the bar. Still, a flat pry bar will give leverage for the majority of items, so don't hesitate to reach for it the next time you need to lift something heavy.