The Handy Kitchen Staple That Makes Steaming Wool Clothing A Breeze

If you have ever gone to steam your favorite wool sweater and then hesitated, the following hack is for you. Wool has special conditions for washing due to it being a delicate material, so it makes sense that you could feel apprehensive about steaming it the same way you would clothing made from other materials. However, wool clothing can wrinkle or look generally crumpled, which in turn may leave you feeling disheveled. Luckily, this ironing hack means you can get your garment looking as good as new again, and all it requires (aside from an iron) is some aluminum foil. 

Not just for wrapping sandwiches or covering open containers, aluminum foil is a versatile item to have on hand. Plus, this hack doesn't take much time at all or require any specialist equipment, making it a good tip to internalize if you like your clothes to be ready-to-wear 24/7. Here's everything you need to know about how you can use the kitchen staple you probably already have to steam your wool clothing.

Use aluminum foil to get the wrinkles out of wool clothing

To get started, spread out some aluminum foil onto your ironing board, making sure the piece is large enough. Place your wool clothing on top of the foil and then set your iron to the steam setting (you can also use an actual steamer for this, though you'll still need an ironing board). Make sure to hold the iron/steam cleaner several inches away from the item, steam it carefully — be careful not to let the iron actually touch the clothing. 

After being steamed, your item should look a lot fresher. The way this hack works is that the foil beneath the clothing will bounce the heat from the iron/steamer back onto your item of clothing, thus releasing wrinkles and creases. It may not get rid of all creases, but it should help to make your garment appear smoother without the risk of it being damaged from the iron. This hack also works on silk clothing, which, again, maybe too delicate to be ironed or steamed directly.