Get HGTV's DIY Candy Bowl With Items From The Dollar Tree

When you're looking for a new Halloween bowl to hold the candy you'll be passing out to trick-or-treaters, you'll find that most bowls can be rather generic, with phrases of "Happy Halloween" or "Trick-or-Treat" and a few printed images. Instead of sticking to the same designs you see everywhere, try looking for something that will stand out and spook the kids a little. Or, if you're a nifty crafter, DIY a fun, spine-chilling bowl that trick-or-treaters will enjoy. For example, HGTV DIYed a haunting candy bowl using items from Dollar Tree. They glued a skeleton to the bowl to make it seem like it was handing out the candy.

If you've been DIYing your Halloween décor so far, such as a creepy pool noodle spider, then making this candy bowl should be next on your list. Everything you need from Dollar Tree makes this DIY project beginner and budget-friendly. You'll need to buy a plastic full-size skeleton, a bowl, silver metallic acrylic paint, a sponge paintbrush, and wooden pegs. If you can't find wooden pegs at Dollar Tree, try finding anything that can act as legs to hold up the bowl. Other materials you'll need are a hot glue gun and scissors.

Steps for making HGTV's candy bowl

Make a few extra spooky bowls and gift them to friends or neighbors to spread the Halloween excitement. In addition, this candy bowl is very similar to the Halloween skeleton candle DIY project, except you're not using candle wax. However, you may want to purchase all of the materials for both items while you're at Dollar Tree so you have multiple Halloween décor projects to do with loved ones.

Once you have all of your materials, lay them out in your crafting station. Start by painting your skeleton, wooden pegs, and bowl. If you find a silver bowl, paint the pegs and skeleton. Allow them to completely dry. Then, using your hot glue gun, glue the legs to the bottom of the bowl. Ensure they're evenly spaced out to prevent unevenness. Next, cut the skeleton's legs off and glue them to the bowl's bottom. Place them diagonally so that the top of the legs meet and make a pointy tip like a mountain. The feet will look spread out. Finally, glue the skeleton's body, ensuring the pelvic ribs are located above the edge of the bowl. You can also glue the arms to the edges or leave them hanging. Fill it with candy and watch it spook the trick-or-treaters.