Unclog Your Pressure Washer Nozzle With An Ingredient You Already Have

Your pressure washer is great for cleaning up outside and rejuvenating your driveway, patio, and sidewalk. You can even use it to power wash your home, removing algae. Unfortunately, pressure washer nozzles are known to encounter clogs, thanks to debris and hard water buildup. But you can easily rectify this situation with nothing more than white vinegar. This common kitchen ingredient is capable of breaking down stubborn stains thanks to its acidity. With just a trip to your pantry, you can dissolve stubborn hard water clogs, allowing your pressure nozzle to work to its full capacity and thoroughly clean your home's exterior. And since you'd use the acetic acid in vinegar as a solvent, you don't need anything but this one ingredient (and a bowl). 

The best part about this helpful hack is that it's easy, effective, and inexpensive. And if you're always looking for ways to repair household items instead of replacing them, then this genius idea is for you. You can even use this method to unclog other nozzles, including the ones attached to your garden hoses. So grab your clogged pressure washer nozzle and a bottle of white vinegar, and get ready to see some incredible results. 

All you need is vinegar

Once you remove the nozzle from your pressure washer (ensure it's turned off and unplugged), you'll want to let it soak in a bowl of white vinegar overnight. You only need enough vinegar to completely cover your nozzle, so even a cup would do. According to this TikTok hack from user @familyhandyman, once your pressure washer nozzle soaks overnight, it will be unclogged and prepped for use the next day. If you still find your pressure nozzle is clogged after thoroughly soaking in vinegar, you might need a wire nozzle cleaner. These cleaners look like a long, thin needle and slide between the tiny openings of your nozzle. This means no harsh chemicals whatsoever, and your clogged nozzle will be as good as new. 

If you're wondering why your pressure washer keeps clogging, you're not alone. It's only water running through it, right? Unfortunately, water has microscopic particles in it that begin to build up over time. You might also experience clogs if you use some type of cleaning agent in your pressure washer, such as detergent. No matter what, you can easily fix even the most stubborn clogs with vinegar, a common kitchen ingredient you probably have lying around. And the best part? You can reuse the vinegar in your garden to repel certain bugs and other neighborhood pests.