Here's Why You Should Power Wash Your Home

As you pull up to your home, is the exterior dull or does it sparkle? Do you ever take a closer look at the siding or brick? Perhaps you've noticed the siding is dull, grime is creeping up from the ground, and there's even a green tint to the brick. These are all signs it may be time to power wash the exterior of your home.

Power washing uses a device that pressurizes water, creating a strong, steady stream capable of removing dirt and other contaminants from the surface, according to Perfect Power Wash. Because the high pressure of the water is so effective, power washing does not always require the use of expensive and toxic chemicals. You could hire a company to do the work for you or, if you have the time, could buy a power washer and do the work yourself. Whichever direction you choose, we've got all the reasons why power washing your home is a great idea.

Boost curb appeal

One of the reasons you should power wash your home is to boost curb appeal. All of that buildup on the surface is going to reduce the overall look of your property. The process of removing dirt and grime from the siding or other home surfaces will create a significant improvement in the way it looks. Take before and after photos and get ready to be amazed.

According to Red Door Pro Wash, power washing returns your home to a fresh presentation. Like a facelift, it helps to restore the building to the way it used to look. The amount of dirt removed depends on what's on the surface and how often it's cleaned, but most people should see improvement.

Pulling up to your home with beautifully clean siding that looks brand new can set the tone for the rest of your property. You may want to continue the process by cleaning the driveway, walkways, and decking after you finish with the house.

Get rid of mold and algae

Are you noticing areas of green on your home's siding? If you see dark spots that seem to be spreading, this could be mold or algae growing on the surface. This commonly occurs when there is vegetation nearby, such as close trees and branches, but it can happen anywhere.

Power washing may help to remove mold and algae without doing damage to the home. Growth can work its way into the small pores located on the building surface, and the pressurized water is generally strong enough to remove it, says DGI Painting. They also note that once you power wash this away, it is unlikely to come back again. By comparison, washing it off with soap, water, and a broom, doesn't have the same benefit.

Be sure to clean all areas well, including the concrete near the mold to further prevent regrowth from occurring. Sometimes using chemicals along with the power wash is necessary to remove the green staining and damage caused by the algae.

Prepare surfaces for more updates

When you power wash a surface, you remove all of the particles that get caught on the siding or other exterior material. That is a necessary step before you dive into any type of painting or refinishing project, says Paint Rite Pros. Power washing gets the surface as clean as possible so that when you are ready to apply paint or stain, you can be sure it will go on smoothly and properly adhere to the surface.

In addition to this, power washing gives you an opportunity to find problems that may need repair, such as holes in the siding or even a bird's nest tucked into an eave. Moving slowly over the entire surface with the power washer will give you extra time to notice any issues. Thoroughly cleaning the surface, and spotting and patching any repairs as you go, will leave you with a beautiful finish after you paint or stain the home.

Inhibit pests

Another reason to power wash has to do with pests. You may not initially think of power washing as a way to get rid of them, but it's quite helpful, according to Waterproof Caulking & Restoration. The pressure itself can help remove pests from crevices around the siding or under porches. If power washing reveals holes or gaps that allow pests into the home, patching and sealing those areas is necessary. That's easier to do once the surface is clean. It also discourages pests from continuing to make these gaps their home.

Power washing will also wash away pest droppings that could stain or discolor some siding and other home surfaces. It gets rid of webs, too, making it harder for pests to climb on and damage homes, especially those with wood siding. Some insects eat algae, so power washing first to remove algae and then to clear away those insects is an excellent way to discourage them from coming back.

Boost home value

All of the factors above contribute to a higher home value. Power washing creates an impressive look, which could encourage home buyers take a second look at your home if it's on the market. It also gives you the ability to spot and fix problems that could alter the value, such as those pesky holes from critters or damage to the siding.

If you plan to list the house, Paragon states, power washing first is important. It helps show the prospective buyers there is very little work for them to do before moving in. They'll know you saved them time and money because they won't have to power wash anything themselves.

Regular power washing helps to maintain the home's overall look and cleanliness, leading to a higher value than a property that has been left dirty and dingy. Even if you don't plan to sell your home in the near future, this could be beneficial down the road.