The Genius Bath Hack That Will Make Your Shower Smell Amazing

Bath bombs are one of the most luxurious additions to any bath, whether it's just a quick soak or a lengthier spa-like indulgence. Scented with essential oil and rich fragrances, as well as other additions like salts, herbs, and other skin-rejuvenating ingredients, they can be very therapeutic. If you are more of a shower person or lack a tub in your home, there is a great way to enjoy bath bombs in your shower even if you can't spend an hour soaking in a tub. Try crushing up a bath bomb near the drain next time you hop in for a shower.

While you can also purchase bombs and products meant specifically for showers that are small cakes or beads, there is no reason that you have to go out and buy a shower-specific product when you may already have a plethora of bath bombs at home. Often given as gifts, they can tend to pile up, making this perfect hack a way to use all the bath bombs lingering in your cabinet. You can also make your own DIY bath bombs easily by mixing Epson salts, essential oils, citric acid, and baking soda.

Using a bath bomb in the shower

The scent of the crushed bomb, as it makes contact with the water, will fill the steamy shower with the scent and its therapeutic properties, which can include lavender for relaxation, citrus for an energy boost, and eucalyptus or mint for refreshing your sinuses. The steam of the shower will also bear the scent, which will make the entire bathroom smell like a spa. The salts and mix of oils can also benefit your skin by making your feet extra pampered and soft in the bottom of the shower. 

If you are looking for another way to make your shower smell heavenly, you can also hang a bath bomb in a mesh bag near your shower head, allowing the steam to activate the scent from the bomb. This is great if you'd like your bath bomb to last a little longer over multiple showers since it won't be broken up and dissolved.