The Beloved Alcohol That'll Help Clean Up Your Bathroom

When we know we're hosting guests, most of us make a special effort to clean the bathroom — especially before a party. Then, the celebration happens, with people milling about your home, socializing, and having a good time. For your guests, you might serve wine or beer, or you may have a plethora of mixed drinks. If a tequila sunrise or margarita is on that list, keep a little of that tequila in reserve for your post-party cleanup. After all, tequila is a powerful aid, perfect for cleaning up any sloppiness left behind in your bathroom.

Most tequila is between 80 and 100 proof, meaning it's between 40% to 50% alcohol, making the spirit an effective disinfectant. Alberto Navarrete, general manager at Emily's Maids, shared with Forbes that tequila is his go-to bathroom cleaner after a get-together, citing the alcohol's ability to cut through buildup. "If you have built-up dirt or gooey things in your bathroom, tequila degrades it all, leaving your place clean," he said.

Cleaning with tequila

Next time you're ready to clean up your bathroom, grab your cleaning supplies, including some leftover tequila and a microfiber cloth. Soak the cloth in tequila and then go over your bathroom's dirty surfaces, using the alcohol's properties to break up any buildup, as well as disinfect. Note, when using this particular method, be sure to clean the alcohol off the surfaces completely, to get rid of any lingering smell. As a best practice, remove any tequila traces with a cleaner and then rinse with water (or just wet a separate cloth with water and buff).

As you hover around your bathroom sink faucets during your alcohol-fueled cleanse-a-palooza, make them sparkle with another adult beverage: vodka. Again, just as with tequila, wash and rinse your faucets after shining them with the spirit to safeguard the chrome or steel fixtures. A clear advantage to using both of these alcoholic beverages to disinfect and clean your bathroom is that they minimize the use of bleach or commercial cleaners that are destructive to the environment.