The Best Christmas Tree Skirts To Beautifully Jazz Up Your Holiday Decor

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how we hate to see your trunk bare. Keeping the base of your tree uncovered could make the whole design appear off, which is why it's important to choose the right tree skirt. However, this may be an overwhelming process, as there are a lot of types and aesthetics out there, so it can be hard to pin down what you're looking for. Are you going for a Scandinavian Christmas with warm tones and minimal designs? Do you want a retro, multi-colored skirt to pair with your vintage silver tinsel tree? There's no shortage of options for whatever your holiday style entails. To help you find what you're looking for, we've found 19 of the best tree skirts available.

Christmas skirts were originally intended to catch hot melting wax from lit candles and stray pine needles. But even as we stopped using real flame candles (hello, fire hazard!) and many folks switched to artificial trees, tree skirts remain a part of Christmas décor for the festive season. Nowadays, this design element is a great way to showcase your personal aesthetic, so think about what your unique Christmas style is because it may go far beyond the classic reds and greens. You should also consider the price, material, and ease of maintenance.

How we selected products

At House Digest, we always want to create shopping guides that are accessible and helpful to a wide audience. So, when we were compiling a list of Christmas tree skirts, we wanted to keep in mind that even within the Christmas decoration category, there is no end of subcategories and aesthetic nuances. That's why this tree skirt list accounts for a number of holiday design styles such as vintage, cottagecore, and modern. 

Additionally, we looked at highly-rated sellers that we trust to deliver quality, whether they're individual Etsy shop owners or giants like Amazon and Wayfair. Wherever possible, we also ensured that the products themselves were highly-reviewed with a strong majority of 5-star ratings. Ones made out of durable and easy-to-clean materials were also put at the top of our list. Finally, we made sure that we provided a wide price range for tree skirts, so you will be happy to find that there's a beautiful option for every budget.

Best overall: Balsam Hill's Plush Braid Tree Skirt

Finding a tree skirt that works for multiple designs and color schemes, looks classic but modern, and enhances the beauty of a Christmas tree is no small ask. But Balsam Hill absolutely delivers with this Plush Braid Tree Skirt, which comes in 48 and 60-inch sizes. Its off-white tone adds warmth (though it also comes in red), as do the fuzzy polyester braids. This is the kind of tree skirt that will create a perfect backdrop for a stack of presents on Christmas morning. Balsam Hill is known for their high-quality holiday décor, so it's no surprise that this piece tops our list. However, keep in mind that this skirt can only be spot cleaned.

The Plush Braid Tree Skirt can be purchased from Balsam Hill and regularly starts at $119.

Best budget: Fanqisi's Snowflakes Tree Skirt

The holidays can do a number on household budgets, but luckily you can get a gorgeous faux fur tree skirt for under $15. Our top budget pick is the plush fur and metallic Snowflakes Tree Skirt by Fanqisi. The classic, minimal pattern goes with almost any design style. Plus, you can choose from gold, rose gold, or silver sequined snowflakes. It's available in 24, 36, and 48-inch diameters. And just because it comes at a great price does not mean you're missing out on style or quality, as this skirt has mostly 5-star reviews. 

Buy the Fanqisi Snowflakes Tree Skirt on Amazon, starting at $10.80. 

Best splurge: Balsam Hill's Juliette Fringed Tree Skirt

If you're looking to invest in a tree skirt that will always stay in style, then the Juliette Fringed Tree Skirt from Balsam Hill is an easy choice. The thick textured ivory tweed, plush, tufted fringe, and individually-attached large sequins make this cotton and acrylic wool piece stand out. In the reviews on Balsam Hill's website, it's described as traditional, rustic, modern, and boho, which means it's stunning across many Christmas aesthetics. Further, you could use this 60 or 70-inch piece, which should only be dry cleaned, for years to come even if your overall color or design scheme changes. 

The Juliette Fringed Tree Skirt is available from Balsam Hill, regularly starting at $249. 

Best for easy cleaning: The Holiday Aisle's Tree Skirt

Tree skirts are elegant additions to any Christmas decorations, but they can also be dastardly magnets for pet hair, debris, and spills. However, you can still have one that works for your lifestyle with a machine-washable piece, like this Tree Skirt from The Holiday Aisle on Wayfair. The flat, tight-knit, 56-inch diameter skirt is easy to vacuum and lint roll as needed, but can also be tossed in the washing machine. Coming in both dark gray and red, it also claims to never wrinkle or stain, as it's made out of poliviscose fabric. 

Purchase this Tree Skirt from The Holiday Aisle on Wayfair for $96.99. 

Best knitted: LimBridge's Diamond Knit Christmas Tree Skirt

When sweater weather approaches, why not let your tree cozy up with a chunky knitted tree skirt? This deep burgundy Diamond Knit Christmas Tree Skirt that's made out of polyester is the ultimate cozy accessory for your tree. What stands out about this piece is that it showcases multiple knit patterns, which is incredibly luxe and lovely to look at. With many 5-star reviews, it's clear that this 48-inch diameter skirt is as lovely as it appears in the pictures.

Buy the Diamond Knit Christmas Tree Skirt from LimBridge on Amazon for $28.99. 

Best velvet: Target's Wondershop 48-inch Quilted Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt

Velvet and Christmas just go hand in hand. The fabric is plush, looks luxe, and catches light beautifully, making it the perfect material for a Christmas tree skirt. The Wondershop 48-inch Quilted Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt from Target stands out thanks to its deep burgundy wine color, which offers more warmth than usual Christmas crimson shades. The subtle quilted pleats are another bonus detail as they add visual intrigue and will help to reflect the shimmering lights around the Christmas tree. To maintain this piece's quality, only spot clean the surface.

Purchase the Wondershop 48-inch Quilted Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt from Target for $30 when bought online. 

Best faux fur: Balsam Hill's Lodge Faux Fur Tree Skirt

Just because we like our fur faux, doesn't mean we want it to look fake. That's why Balsam Hill's Lodge Faux Fur Tree Skirt that's made out of acrylic and polyester wins this category. The thick artificial rug looks almost matte, unlike the high-gloss, thin versions we've seen elsewhere. Available in ivory, brown, and gray, It also comes in a wide range of sizes, from 18 to 84 inches, so you can have a fur skirt on mini and full-sized trees. This piece should only be dry cleaned, to preserve its fluffy appearance. 

Starting at $79 when not on sale, buy the Lodge Faux Fur Tree Skirt from Balsam Hill

Best unique: Supersweetparty's White Honeycomb Christmas Tree Skirt

The White Honeycomb Christmas Tree Skirt with a paper origami design is classic, chic, and avant-garde all at once. Further, it will undoubtedly stand out from the classic flannel and cotton skirts you're used to seeing. One thing to keep in mind is that this 3D skirt is made out of paper, so it may not be a good choice if you plan on having a live tree that requires watering. On the other hand, you won't have to worry about laundering it. It's also super lightweight, affordable, and looks great. Plus, both the Etsy seller and the product itself have great ratings.

For $19.54, purchase the White Honeycomb Christmas Tree Skirt from Supersweetparty on Etsy

Best reversible: Target's Wondershop 48-inch Fair Isle Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt

Even though most of us only have our Christmas decorations up for a couple months, they can quickly become visually draining. That's where a reversible tree skirt comes in. That way, when you can't stare at one pattern for another minute, you've got a fresh design to turn to. This 48-inch Fair Isle Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt from Wondershop at Target has a darling red and white Christmas sweater pattern on one side and a simple striped pattern on the other. Both would look amazing with traditional holiday décor or could add some warmth to a more color minimalist display. Only spot clean this piece, which has mostly 5-star ratings on Target's website.

Find the Wondershop 48-inch Fair Isle Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt from Target for $30 when purchased online. 

Best plaid: All Modern's Swish Cotton Tree Skirt

Many plaid patterns go out of style, but we really believe in the staying power of buffalo plaid. Its large scale, minimalist, and classic-but-modern print makes it a go-to choice for a tree skirt, easily working with a cozy cabin or contemporary chic vibe. This Swish Cotton Tree Skirt is available in the two standard buffalo plaid color schemes, or white and black and red and black, and comes in 53, 72, and 84-inch diameters.

Starting at $48, purchase the Swish Cotton Tree Skirt from All Modern

Best vintage: Primitives by Kathy's Red Vintage Christmas Tree Skirt

Some are lucky enough to have inherited their heirloom tree skirts, but for those of us buying them new, we love this polyester 52-inch Santa Claus and sleigh Red Vintage Christmas Tree Skirt from Primitives by Kathy. Its color scheme is classic with cherry red and cream, and the jolly Santa looks straight out of 1950, while the jingle bell trim sends this skirt over the top. With mostly 5-star reviews, it's clear that we aren't the only ones loving this tree skirt for its appearance and quality.

Purchase the Primitives by Kathy Red Vintage Christmas Tree Skirt on Amazon for around $50.

Best shabby chic: Ivarunner's Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt

What says shabby chic better than burlap and a lovely dusty beige ruffle? This calls up images of French country houses, cottagecore abodes, and all things classic, feminine, and rustic. The polyester Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt from Ivarunner on Amazon is 48 inches in diameter, which means that it would work nicely with trees around 6 feet tall. The best detail is the burlap bows that secure the skirt around the base, which are truly adorable. One thing to keep in mind is that burlap can wrinkle easily, so you may need to steam the material after it is shipped to make it look its best.

The Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt is available from Ivarunner on Amazon for around $15. 

Best snowflakes: Threadlady99's Blue with Silver Foil Snowflakes Christmas Tree Skirt

If your favorite part of the holidays is the snowfall, then put snowflakes front and center with a darling tree skirt. You can't do better than this Blue with Silver Foil Snowflakes Christmas Tree Skirt, as its cool blue tones and shimmering silver foil flakes make us feel like we are walking in a winter wonderland. Available in 20 and 35-inch diameters, this product has several 5-star reviews and the Etsy shop has an overall 5-star rating, which means it is a reputable, reliable seller. This item can also be machine washed and dried, making it easy to maintain.

The Blue with Silver Foil Snowflakes Christmas Tree Skirt by Threadlady99 is available on Etsy starting at $22.50.

Best multicolor: Ineedfabric's Retro Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas décor can go so far beyond the usual reds, greens, blues, and whites. This colorful 43-inch Retro Christmas Tree Skirt has the vibrancy of a Mary Blair painting with lots of non-traditional colors and tons of holiday charm. This would work well with retro, multicolor trees. The teal blues, mossy greens, mustard yellows, and perfect pinks of this skirt's design would give you a ton of options for ornaments and color swatches. Per its care instructions, it can also be machine washed on cold, which is great for easy maintenance. The reviews praised its beautiful print, unique colors, and high-quality material.

The Retro Christmas Tree Skirt from Etsy is available from ineedfabric, starting at $18.39.

Best glitz and glam: Walmart's Color Profit Kids Sequin Christmas Tree Skirt

If you're somebody who believes everything should have a little sparkle, we are totally with you. That's why this Sequin Tree Skirt, available in 24, 30, 36, and 48-inch sizes, is a top pick if you want to add some glamour and drama under your Christmas tree. It will pick up the warm glow of string lights at night and reflect natural light during the day, almost like a disco ball. It's available in gold, silver, and rose gold, as well as unexpected but equally beautiful shades of vibrant purple and blue. 

Buy the Color Profit Kids Sequin Christmas Tree Skirt from Walmart, starting at $16.99 when purchased online.

Best black and white: Ahoocustom's Christmas Tree Skirt

Do your Christmas tastes lean toward a playful nod to all things spooky? There's even a skirt for you. This 32, 36, or 48-inch diameter black and white polyester Christmas Tree Skirt from Ahoocustom gives off "Beetlejuice" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" vibes that work well for anyone who wants to keep things just a touch dark. And while it immediately calls to mind images of Tim Burton movies, it would also work just as well for those who love a bold, monochromatic Christmas moment. Pair this piece, which has many 5-star ratings, with other black, white, and wood-tone accents, or have some extra fun with multicolored ornaments. 

For $14.99, purchase the Christmas Tree Skirt from Ahoocustom on Amazon.  

Best simple and sophisticated: Walmart's Boobeauty Feather Xmas Tree Skirt

One thing that makes new tree skirts exciting is their ability to combine classic colors and materials but offer unexpected prints, like this metallic Feather Xmas Tree Skirt from Walmart. It's a simple and classic but modern design that would work well with minimalist holiday décor. It can also be slightly customized, as the metallic feathers are available in gold, rose gold, and multicolor, and the piece comes in 35 and 48-inch sizes. This piece is made out of cotton faux fur and can be machine washed and dried.

Find the Boobeauty Metallic Feather Xmas Tree Skirt at Walmart, starting at $22.95 when purchased online.

Best animal print: TheElegantClutter's Animal Print Christmas Tree Skirt

Maybe animal print doesn't scream Christmas to you, but don't be so quick to discount it. The subtle pattern in this handmade Animal Print Christmas Tree Skirt mimics the soft dappled spots on a deer and manages to bring contrast and class. It would work nicely in a Christmas forest design scheme, but the soft gold and white fabric could pair with nearly any style. We also love the shimmering rope braided border. This skirt is available in 36, 48, and 52-inch sizes, and the reviews praise it for its woodland look and amazing quality. 

The Animal Print Christmas Tree Skirt is available on Etsy from TheElegantClutter, starting at $60. 

Best au naturel: West Elm's Open Weave Zig Zag Tree Collar

Sometimes you don't need a ton of ruffles or fabric to really showcase the beauty of your Christmas tree. This 27-inch hand woven Open Weave Zig Zag Tree Collar from West Elm is at once urban and chic but also natural and rustic. It's made from water hyacinth and easily secures around the base of the tree. It shouldn't get wet, so it's best used on artificial trees and should only be wiped down with a damp cloth. The zig-zagging pattern of this tree collar almost mimics the shape of a pine tree, which just adds to its charm. 

The Open Weave Zig Zag Tree Collar is available from West Elm for $75.