How To Beautifully Disguise Your Fridge On A Budget With Wood Panels

Are you looking for a sleek, stylish kitchen with hidden appliances? If so, then this incredible DIY hack is calling your name. All you need are two wooden panels: one for your fridge door and one for your freezer drawer. With nothing more than an integrated fridge door slide kit and some brackets, you'll have a swoon-worthy kitchen in no time. You could also carry out this hack if your fridge has seen better days, but you're not exactly in the market for a new major appliance. Instead, you can utilize your creativity and a few affordable parts, revamping your current kitchen and transforming it into something amazing. 

Keep in mind that there are two versions of this awesome hack, and they each depend on the type of fridge you have in your kitchen. But in TikTok user @themerrythought version, the refrigerator has a freezer drawer and double fridge doors, meaning they needed a total of three wood panels. Don't worry — it's still simple and affordable and instantly transforms any kitchen space into something that looks professionally designed. Side note: This hack won't work is if your fridge has a water or ice dispenser on the outside, as the wood panels would block them. 

Install wood paneling

If you have a fridge with a freezer drawer on bottom, begin by removing the handles on your refrigerator. You'll need to do this so the panels sit flush against the surface. Don't forget to remove any screws. Next, attach wood panels to your fridge's surrounding wood frame. You'll need to install your cabinets on the same side as your refrigerator's hinges, so they open out together. In @themerrythought demonstration, the appliance has double doors, so they installed cabinets on both sides of the fridge. Next, purchase an affordable integrated fridge door slide kit from Amazon or an appliance store. Using the parts in this slide kit, attach the brackets to your refrigerator door. This is what helps to create the appearance of a hidden refrigerator. Next, attach the slides to the wood paneling before securing your fridge door to it. 

For your freezer drawer, you'll need a set of corner braces. Attach your wooden panel to your freezer drawer using these braces. Unlike your refrigerator door, your freezer drawer won't attach to the frame. However, if your freezer isn't a drawer but a door and opens the same way your fridge does, you need to alter this trick. Connect the wood panel to the frame when carrying out this awesome DIY hack, attaching your freezer door the same way you attached your fridge door.